Do you HATE your programming language?

As many of you already know, Google recently released their Code search. After reading about Code search ideas and found Expression of which programming language sucks more. For instance, Python sucks. (thx, paolo). I thought, actually its not about which language suck the most. but what language are the programmer the less Happy with. So I checked a few of them. I'm sure the huge number next to C is related to the fact tons of C code is open sourced and C is also the oldest. but there is a huge difference there.

But finding "qt sucks" in kdelibs source is a bit of a shame. at least for me who literaly love Qt and KDE. Qt (total 11), KDE (total 2)

I am a bit disapointed to find almost none MFC Sucks. It's probably just because there is not much open MFC code. Well, I hope so.

But what I found very interesting and why I am actually posting this. Is because ..... (roulement de tambour)..... No one, programming in Ruby thinks that ruby sucks. For few very simple and straight reasons.... ruby rocks, i love ruby and ruby is fantastic

so go ahead and learn Ruby

and don't forget that people DO love their job and more

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