Les jurons sexuelles Anglais et les bon sacres Québécois.

J'ai beaucoup d'amis Canadiens qui me font souvent la remarque à propos de cette habitude que nous avons, les Québécois, de faire des jurons contre l'église. Alors que les Anglais se contente bien de "fuck" et "damn". Peut-etre que [cette histoire(anglais)](http://dilbertblog.typepad.com/the_dilbert_blog/2006/11/atheists_the_ne.html) réponderais à la question. Pour résumé la partie importante. Apparemment etre Athéiste au État-Unis avant 9/11 était plutot risque pour sa carière. La raison du changement au moment de 9/11 m'est inconnue et est en faites d'aucun intéret pour cette histoire. Le faites est, meme si les Québécois reçoivent énormément d'influence des État-Unis. Les Canadiens anglophones sont définitivement beaucoup plus envahis. Alors voici ma reflexion. Si 5 ans plutot ils etaient toujours tabou de parler control l'existence de Jesus, je vois mal comment ils auraient pu creer de charmant Sacre comme les notres. Ceci dit: Si je me rappelle bien mes cours d'Histoire, il serait quand meme important de noter que leurs Vulgaires Jurons proviennent aussi directement de l'Église. Lors de leur revolution contre le catholisme et la creation du Protestanisme ([[en]](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protestant)[[fr]](http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protestantisme)). Si je me rappelle bien. Je suis pas trop sur si ma déduction est correct. Ou si des millions de gens on fait la meme des années au paravant. Mais je tenais quand meme a souligner le point. J'ai cru que ça pourrait etre intérresant pour mes amis Canadiens qui s'interroge sur notre drole de culture Bucheronne.

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Technical racism on the Internet

Several years ago, it was unfortunately trendy among bad web-designers to prevent people from seeing your website if you were not using Internet Explorer. what a SHAME. Apparently, the idea has evolved and they are not detecting I am not a United-Stater living in the United-States. So too bad, I cannot see their website. Maybe I don't want to see it either, uh. *An idea brought to you by RealNetworks for their [unknown rhapsody.com](http://www.rhapsody.com/) website. ![Real Networks Racism](/files/rhapsody.png)

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How to not being forced to XOrg 7.1 on Gentoo

If you are like me, you like system that works and you care much more about the latest version of KDE than the latest version of XOrg. especially when updating KDE is pain-less and bug-free while XOrg means talking with God, backup-ing your Mother and what not. So I wanted to be able to run
emerge -avUNt world
like everyone else, while staying on XOrg 6.9 Like you might know, the recent portage are not forcing us to do the update. you cannot run 'emerge world' without upgrading. and upgrading is far from being easy. While preventing portage from forcing is not as easy as it sound. It is not that hard. thanks to /etc/portage system. here is how to do it. * first add the following lines in **/etc/portage/package.mask**

### I dont want to update X
### END
* then add the following line in **/etc/portage/package.unmask**
after that you might get 1 or 2 more problem. I remember I also had to modify an ebuild and remove a useless dependency on a package. if it does not work for you. please comment below. I'm gonna help you to go through it and I'll update this post for a more accurate information. have a nice day.

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Nintendo Super Mario Bros. (hardcore tricks).

Could anyone teach me half of what does guys are able to do. The classic 1up trick that I never been able to do is actually possible on the [New Super Mario on DS](http://youtube.com/watch?v=Jm-N8N_d4bw). And what's up with all those guys jumping backwards? * [R.Yoshizawa (aka. Pom)](http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8658737307706425746&q=super+mario+5min) * [Trevor Seguin](http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5361142907041218272&q=super+mario+5+minutes) This guys also knows a lot of excellent tricks. Although he takes his time in this video, he really show much [he masters the game](http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8027372280039633351&q=super+mario+walkthrough). please comment below with HOW to do these.

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Accidental feature discovery in Firefox 2.0

So my programmer hands today made one of those mistakes who makes me discover new features. I hit Ctrl-Shift-T instead of Ctrl-t to open a new tab. result? It reopen the tab I had close last. With all Back history and everything. Try it out. Ctrl-w to close a tab, and Ctrl-Shift-T to reopen it. A feature that might be very useful in case you close a tab by mistake. I'm not sure If it's a new feature with 2.0. All my computers runs 2.0 now and I cannot test it with 1.5 but anyway, I thought it might be interesting to share it.

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Big Brother is my friend

So I am not gonna talk for 5 pages long about what is dangerous, good, bad or not about our new Big Brothers. But recently I have decided to be happy and to make people around me as happy as possible. And that means taking on services that makes my life easier for me and the people around me. So that includes * writing whatever I am thinking about on a [fully indexed](http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=site%3Ablog.somekool.net&btnG=Google+Search) [blog](http://blog.somekool.net). * Putting 98% of [my pictures](http://gallery.somekool.net/) on the Internet without thinking too much about who can see what? (yes 98%, I still got a private life, what do you think....) * Using [gmail](http://gmail.com) as my #1 mail client and finally accepting the fact my emails are stored on someone else server. But hey, gmail CAN run fully under https (not like hotmail which only pass the login through https). That means that nobody can access my email, except me and Big Brother of course. * And Yes, that also includes keeping my budget and [writing and tracking all my incomes and expenses](http://justbudget.com) on a website, online. But that again, it's password protected and only me can access my data. And well, Big Brother.

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Nintendo World 2006 in Osaka, Japan (and japanese highways)

So I have finally been there, again. I was not too sure, since I knew it would be very similar but just busier then [Nagoya](http://blog.somekool.net/articles/2006/11/07/nintendo-world-2006-in-nagoya-japan). But Mihoko could not come to Nagoya, so she had not tried the Wii yet, poor girl. And I convincer her. Plus I really wanted to try few more games to help get my mind set on what to buy. Actually there is something I think I forgot to tell you about [Nagoya](http://blog.somekool.net/articles/2006/11/07/nintendo-world-2006-in-nagoya-japan). I think I already told you I went to Nagoya by train or maybe some [photos](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-11-03+Nintendo+World+2006+_Nagoya_/) I took told you so. But there is one little thing I forgot to say, Is how many DS I saw in the Train. Although I had to cross two [prefectures](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prefectures_of_Japan), from Minute One, I saw kids playing with the DS in the Train. I mean, there is always bunch of people with cellphones, PSP and DS. but that day. it was impressive. Closer I was getting to Nagoya, more DS, geeks and even female geeks are boarding the train. This was cool to see. Girls playing DS in the train have a different dress code. I'll let your imagination craving and not say more. For Nintendo World in Osaka, click on to read more.

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Tracking down not found rhtml templates in rubyonrails applications

Maybe you've seen this error before?
No rhtml, rxml, rjs or delegate template found for [view_name] (ActionView::ActionViewError)
I have a slightly special setup for my error mailer in [one of my rubyonrails applications](http://justbudget.com), as the mailer is not in app/models and the view not in app/views. This used to work fine, until I changed god knows what and I realized it was broken for a little while. (by now, I, of course, know what broke it). And it was pretty hard to debug because I am using the system-wide installed rubyonrails on a shared hosting on which I don't have root access. So at first I wanted to put some more logging in there to help me debug this beast. but for some reason, running the application with my own rails in vendor/rails was breaking everything. Can't edit the files, can't run my own, hmm.... what to do? So today I took the few minutes it was requiring to find the right little place to put the proper logging. One thing I should add, I am an excessively lazy programmer and I like things to be short and sweet. So I did not want to copy paste a 10-15 lines function into my code. but there it is I found this one. **template_exists?** is only 3 lines of code, so no big deal to copy paste. there is not much chances it will change so much in the future versions of rubyonrails.
module ActionView
        class Base
                def template_exists?(template_path, extension)
                file_path = full_template_path(template_path, extension)
                @@method_names.has_key?(file_path) || FileTest.exists?(file_path)

Just place this little piece of code at the end of application.rb for example and every templates that are tried will be logged in your development.log or production.log file. It helps very much to track path problems as the regular error message isn't really descriptive. that's it, enjoy.

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Discussion/Débat télé au Japon

Alors, j'écoutais la télévision il y a de ça quelques jours. Ils avaient un débat plutôt chaud incluant une trentaine de personne je dirais. Le type d'émission que j'avais déjà vu assez regulièrement au Québec. C'est dommage que je ne pouvais pas tout comprendre. Le vocabulaire étant compliqué et le Tempo un peu difficile à suivre. Cela dit, le débat est demeuré des plus intérressants. L'expression des gens en dis beaucoup sur leur opinion et les différents niveau d'intensité que les gens emploie. Sur un plan communicatif, on en apprends énormément à regarder un débat comme celui-ci. Mais encore plus intéressants, était les sujets. J'ai pris connaissances des deux premier sujets qui ont été traité. Cliquez le titre de cette article pour lire la suite de l'article.

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Is this art? what does it makes you think?

Is this art? what does it makes you think? comment below ![art?](/files/what_is_art.png)

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Des nouvelles sur mon site

Bonjour tout le monde, ça fait un petit bout de temps que je vous ai laissé sans nouvelle. Et un grand bout de temps que je vous ai pas gaté avec de nouvelles photos. Et ben voici, aujourdhui j'ai pris le temps de faire le menage dans mes affaires. pis jai toutes mis mes photos (que je n'avais pas mis en ligne), ensemble et en ordre de date. En tout **660MB** de photos et de court videos. Apparemment un total de 667 objects, ce qui n'est pas si énorme au fond, mais ca devrais vous occupé pendant un bout de temps. [http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/) Au fond c'est toutes mes photos que j'ai prisent depuis Juin. Plus quelques photos de Mai que j'avais oubliez. A part celle que j'avais déjà mis en ligne tel que mes [photos d'Aout à Okinawa](). J'aimerais beaucoup écrire à propos de chaque photo mais je n'ai malheureusement ni le temps ni la patience. Alors voici en résumé. Ce dimanche le 5, Mihoko et Moi avons été à [Nara](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-11-05+Visiting+Nara+with+Mihoko/). Une très belle ville, tres culturelle, c'est l'ancienne capital du Japon. Avant Tokyo et avant Kyoto. Donc beaucoup d'histoire, de temple et de sculture. Le Fameux [Nintendo World 2006](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-11-03+Nintendo+World+2006+_Nagoya_/) de Nagoya. La j'ai pu essayer en grand primeur le Nouveau Nintendo Wii et Visité juste un tout petit peu, la ville de Nagoya. Quelques Photos à propos de la [culture du riz au Japon](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-09-02-03+Rice+harvesting/). Visite d'un [Temple Shinto (Tagadaisha)](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-06-18+Tagataisha+and+Inukami+kawa/) pres de là ou j'habite. Suivit par une randonée nature at Inukamikawa. Et encore plus de plage, de nature et de beau paysage. [1](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-06-24+Day+trip+at+the+river/) [2](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-07-08+Beach+in+Fukui-ken/) [3](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-07-09+-+around+shingaihama/) [4](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/2006-07-15+Beach+in+Fukui-ken+_2_/) [5](http://gallery.somekool.net/d/6451-2/2006-07-26+Evening+Sky+in+Hikone.jpg) Et croyez le ou non, yen a encore plus, alors pour tout voir le nouveau suivez [ce lien](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/2006-11+From+May+To+November/) et pour tout revoir depuis le debut, [ce lien](http://gallery.somekool.net/). **Update: j'ai trouvé d'autre photos que j'avais oublié il y a longtemps. [Onsen avec Mihoko (16 et 17 de Mars)](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/Japan-2006-03-16+and+17/) (101MB total) et ma premiere [Visite a Osaka le 2006-03-28](http://gallery.somekool.net/v/Japan/Japan-2006-03-28+-+Trip+to+Osaka/)**. (413MB total) Si vous avez des questions à propos de certaines ou plusieurs de ces photos, SVP, posez vos questions en soumettant un [commentaire](http://blog.somekool.net/articles/2006/11/07/des-nouvelles-sur-mon-site#comments) ci-bas. Je réponderai de la même façon et ainsi tout le monde auront accès à la même information sans que j'ai à me répéter. C'est ti pas beau la technologie. Alors aujourdhui un grand total de 894 photos totalisant 1174MB. Amusez-vous bien.

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Nintendo World 2006 in Nagoya, Japan

So, last Friday I realized a long time dream I had. Going to a video game expo, in Japan. It's one of those reasons I'm in Japan, and Nagoya is only 1h15 and 1620 yen of train away, how could I not go. The event was from 9am to 4pm and I was pretty excited so I took the train as early as possible. Going there was pretty easy, even though it was my first time visiting Nagoya. I got there around 9h30, had breakfast at the station and the first train on Aonami line was leaving at 10am. so It was a perfect timing. 10h30, I was sure inside. That's about the best I could do. First thing I learned when I got inside... They were giving away 100 Wii to the visitors. We receive some kind of lottery number when we arrive and we can check if we have a winner number as we leaves. Now I was excited, hehe... read on for details ....

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Ben voyons, comment ca dont...

On dirait que je me suis fais prendre sur le fait. * "Mais **voyons**, qu'est-ce qu'y ne va pas aujourd'hui?" * "**Voyons**, maudit, je me suis encore trompé." * "**Voyons**, tire dessus, tire dessus, tu va l'avoir." * "**Voyons**, qu'est-ce que voulais-je dire, à l'instant?" Apparemment, peu importe le langage que j'utilise, Japonnais ou Anglais, J'utilise **Voyons** a tout bout de champ. Et ce, assez souvent pour que Mihoko les "catché". Et soudain me demanda: "C'est quoi **Voyons**?". Petite question facile? peut-être pour vous! Je crois que j'aurais 20 fois plus de facilité à expliquer l'anglais ou le japonais que le Français, ma propre langue maternel. Et je crois que c'est normal au fond. Le francais est si profond à l'intérieur, je l'ai appris étant si jeune, comment pourrais-je prétendre comprendre les subtilités de la langue. Alors que l'anglais et le japonais c'est tout frais dans ma tête d'adulte. Bon, c'est bien beau tout ça mais ça ne m'aide pas. C'est quoi **VOYONS**? Verbe voir à la première du pluriel? Et dans les exemples mentionné ci-haut, c'est qui qui voient? Et ils voient quoi? J'ai cherché dans les dictionaires en ligne et j'ai rien trouvé. Quelqu'un pourrait éclairer ma lanterne et m'expliquer cette utilisations particulière que l'on fait du verbe voir? Ça m'aiderais et je pourrais alors l'expliquer à Mihoko. SVP

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