Engineering jobs on the Moon

[Google]('s expansions has reached new levels. For everyone who ever dream of working on the moon. Here is your chance. With [Google Lunar team](

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Booting Microsoft Windows

I boot windows, maybe once every 2 or three months, like I said in my [previous "about-windows" post]( so I actually booted it once last night, and once this morning. back to linux. it changed my clock to January 11, 2007 +9hours. what the.....

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Road traffic in India (insanely amazing)

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Best War Movie : Letters from Iwo Jima

This movie just came out yesterday, strange coincidence I was passing by the theater. This is pure Chef-d'oeuvre. I wish I could have understood more, but what I could understand was enough to make me learn enough about the story. It's fully japanese movie, but has been produced by Clint Eastwood. So, it got this final hollywood touch. Fortunately without breaking the whole thing. Like [Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)]( was way too much Holliwoodize. [Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)]( Is excellent and tells us a 4-6 months story with a 36 days attack. An attack the US had planned to succeed in 5 days. On a off-topic note, it really seems the story is repeating itself when I heard yesterday [Bush says that had not succeed as fast as they has planned]( I'm not too sure what he believes he succeeded there. but as I said. I'm off-topic. So the US was planning to get on Iwo Jima island to build a base and attack Japan's main island. Japan was already week at this moment, so US thought it would take only 5 days. this movies is so rough. and teach you so much about Japanese culture. It is very excellent. Now I really want to watch [Flags of Our Fathers (2006)]( Its "Letters from Iwo Jima"'s little sister. Basically, Clint Eastwood made two movies, one with the Japanese view and the other one about the US view. it's gotta be a Hit as well. Wait no longer. Go Watch it.

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