Mes Baggages sont fait,...

Bien qu'une raison que je ne dévoilerai pas complement m'est poussé à faire mes baggages de façon hative, j'en suis bien content finalement. Tranquillement, jai fait du menage pendant tout le mois, essayant de jeter des trucs et savoir de ce que je voulais ramener. J'ai envoyé une boite il y a de ca quelque semaine déjà avec mon Wii, manteau d'hiver, etc. Puis Jeudi j'ai eu confirmation que je pouvais passé mes derniers jour japonnais chez Mihoko avec sa famille. Donc vendredi, grand menage, puis samedi matin j'ai tout terminé. Ou presque. juste quelques petites choses pour survivre une semaine. Ça fait drôlement du bien d'être déjà prêt à l'avance et aussi d'être de retour chez Mihoko. Vendredi soir je suis sortie au Karaoke avec des amis. Samedi soir nous sommes allez à un Izakaya avec la famille à Mihoko et Aujourd'hui on se repose. Demain matin nous devons partir tôt pour Osaka ou nous irons voir le Cirque du Soleil. (Dralion). Ensuite, Mardi et Mercredi, Mihoko Travaille. J'ai également du travail a faire; des contrats à finir avec des clients ici au Japon et mon CV a réécrire en Français. J'avais commencé à envoyé mon CV en anglais avec un Lettre de présentation en Français. Mais l'on me l'a fortement déconseillé. Donc j'aurai pas le choix. Ensuite, bien c'est jeudi le 30... Préparatif finaux et je m'envol pour le Québec. Avec les escales que j'ai à faire (2heures à San Francisco et 30 minutes à chicago.) Je prendrai 19heures pour arrivé à Montréal. C'est 8 heures de plus que mon Vol direct que j'ai pris il y a 18 mois (Vancouver -> Tokyo). J'ai eu du bon temps, mais j'ai hâte d'être à la maison. à bientôt.

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Japanese Firefox Mascot


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Foolish Club, Hikone

If you are visiting Hikone city in Shiga-ken Japan. Make sure you pay a visit to my very good friend Akiyan. He own’s the Foolish Club. It's a little place but it's a great time guaranteed. From the Hirata-cho corner, walk south 50-100 meters (opposite way from Family Mart) and it's on the left side of the street. A white sign. You really can't miss it. [Goole Map link](,136.243628&spn=0.001967,0.003648&z=18&om=1) Also, if you visit him. Please tell him I recommended you there. He will be happy to know it and hear about me. I will miss him. Phone number : 0749-23-0300

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New Apple iPod owner

It's so funny that such a Apple/Mac fan like me took so long. but I just bought my first iPod. And not that I think of it, my first Apple product. Well, I bought an Apple iMac G3 for my mother but it wasn't for me. I paid 7600 JPY for it (shuffle). That's 9800 minus 2200 yen I had in credit at the shop ;) An extra reason for the compulsive buy. 7600 yen it's also US$65.08 or CDN$68.46 at this moment. which is much less than the $79+tax I would have paid in Canada. Another guy factor that played in this compulsive and totally unplanned buy. Is the fact that I will spend 19 hours in a plane next thursday. As I am going back to Quebec on August 30th. 7600yen / 19 hours = 400yen/hour to have some music during this boring flight. which is priceless. Now that I understood how to open the box, I will play with my new toys and put some songs in it. And wait for October to buy my Apple Computer with Leopard on it. have a good one. PS: please DO NOT comment below this post.

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That is a lot of reading ...

To follow my last post. Here is the list of interesting articles I fall upon today. As I already said. Today has been a very rewarding day for finding interesting articles. So, here it comes. I will not place them in order of preference but instead I will try to place them in order of accessibility (less geek to the geekiest) [The police to start analyzing our urine through the sewers]( That's the cherry on the sundae. If they bring their sample extraction device all the way to our houses. Not only they will be able to know who use what drugs but also what other consumer products we use. Then use the data for marketing purposes. That's the beginning of real privacy violation. And people worry about computers? [Get Rich Slowly]( No comments, excellent reading. And this article really makes me believe again that [justbudget]( is totally appropriate and does help in financial Independence. Plasma VS LCD HTTV [comparison]( Computing article ... lots of good points. last page is Linux Kernel stuff only, kinda technical. But the first two pages are interesting to anyone curious about computer history. [It brings a fresh point of view on the truth]( Linux lovers be careful. I knew XOrg had great optimization needs but this article simply make me wish I had something better than Linux to run [my favorite desktop environment]( Call me ignorant but I don't even understand how a project like a free browser might need a CEO. This article explains it all. How is Mozilla Firefox making $US55million a year? [(and much more...)]( [More Linux related articles]( from [apcmag]( I think today was the first time I was visiting their site and one of the reason I am blogging about it today is to make sure I will visit them again. And finally the article that brought me to their site. The [Linus Torvalds Interview on Linux 3.0](

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optimize Gentoo with tmpfs

Today has been a very rewarding day for finding interesting articles. Apart from the articles that I will mentioned in my next article here is one for my readers who runs the Gentoo operating system. [ tip for the love of tmpfs]( Basically the idea is to mount a virtual file-system over the directory that stores temporary files used during compilation of new software (/var/tmp/portage). As most you you might know, Gentoo includes a system that automatically compile and install software for you. The great part is that it is very easy to use, the down part however is that it sometimes takes hours to install a certain software. The Hard Drive being the slowest part in the equation has just to be removed. To try it out simply add this line to your /etc/fstab file and mount it as root or reboot.
none /var/tmp/portage tmpfs size=212M,nr_inodes=1M 0 0
You might also want to kill the content for the directory before, as it most probably contains lost of useless data which would then be hidden behind the mount.
rm -fr /var/tmp/portage ; mkdir /var/tmp/portage
Now the guy in the article use a 1412M sized tmpfs virtual partition on a 2G of RAM system. I really wonder how this would work on a 512MB RAM system. It might just swap all the time removing the whole idea. So I'm not sure this tricks helps people who really needs help. (the people with regular hardware) What I really would like to understand is how the tmpfs kernel module know when to delete or not a file from the memory. I'd be afraid that it kills some .o out of the memory before the full compilation comes to an end. Or that it keeps all these temporary files in memory for hours after the compilation is done. I'd like to understand the magic. For more Linux related article, checkout their [Kernel Knowledge page]( Update: Then later I found in the comment it is useless to add an extra tmpfs as Gentoo always have one enabled. And I Quote .... "You can always do this by using the existing tmpfs, /dev/shm. /dev/shm will allocate up to 1/2 of your system RAM for tmpfs and it should already exist. To use it change/add the following three lines to your gentoo /etc/make.conf file:"
Good luck in your trials. And please post comments on your experimentations.

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I don't like or want to shock anyone with my nudity but it's the only way I have to advertise Naturism. Please answer the poll below.
polls How much naked time do you spend a day?
30 minutes a day (shower)
less than 2 hours a day
less than 4 hours a day
I don't know, as much as I can
What do you mean?



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