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I think I have been leaving my justbudget users in the blank for too long. I am really not blogging as often as I would wish. Sorry about that. I always intended to update the [FAQ]( page on the site with the answers to the questions I receive. (by the way, many thanks for all your questions and comments and sorry for the delay). Many of these answers would be useful to many users but unfortunately I never had the time to collect them all up and rewrite them properly into the FAQ. So I am thinking maybe I should just post the answer straight up on my blog (which is shown on the news page of justbudget). This way people can read them. It's google-able and information is never lost. Another thing that might interest you is an article I found recently. I already talked about it [on my regular blog]( A friend of mine recommended me a personal finance related website. [Get Rich Slowly]( which I found really interesting. Every page of the website invite us to read the "About" page which link to the origin of the website: [A blog post]( I highly recommend anybody interested in achieving financial independence to read this article first. If you take a careful look at the "Step One: Prepare the Foundation" which includes 3 steps in its own. The second one of these is about cutting expenses. And I cannot stress this enough; The world as we know it keep pushing us to consume more and more, it's getting harder and harder to keep ourselves from buying all the new toys available. anyway, the important point here is that if you keep spending, you quickly lose track of where all your money goes. Being always conscious can be stressful and very difficult. Just track your expenses somewhere so you can easily look them up anytime. * so you know where you can cut * so you can remember how much you paid for something the year or the month before. * so you can easily remember where and when you went somewhere. * and more I love it. So I am gonna start answering all emails directly on my blog very soon. stay tuned.

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reading ext2 and ext3 filesystem under microsoft windows xp

I just made a small discovery last night. I already knew about ext2fs but it was not really stable, rather incompatible and as far as I remember, read-only. So, rather useless. Now there is something I would call "new". [ext2IFS]( IFS for Installable FileSystem. it is simply wonderful. and for anyone using windows who needs access to their ext2/3 partitions, try this one out. As you already know. your data is the most important part of computing. and with all open source software, I recommend reading all the documentation. in this case, it is all shown during the install process. please read it or don't cry when something happen.

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We have got to do something...

please watch this 2 hours movie. []( and comment below about what WE can do.

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