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In my last post I was talking about increasing blog activity and I left you all without any reply for two months.... How bad am I ??? Very sorry,... so here is a gift... Biweekly recurring expenses (and more). Yes I remade the internals of the recurring expenses system. and it is much better, much faster and much more flexible. so many of you ask for it... and for so long. sorry I kept you waiting. Here it is now. you can do, daily recurring expenses, weekly, biweekly, "twice a month", monthly and bimonthly. have fun. and thanks very much for using justbudget and for telling all your friends to do so.

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Microsoft Windows Freeze

Still today, Microsoft Windows is showing us the most annoying freeze ever. Recently I have been forced to switch to Windows from [Linux]( I usually put it on sleep by doing **Start** => **Turn Off** => **Stand by**. Which requires multiple clicks and seconds for the menu to popup. One of my friend which happen to be an expert in Microsoft technologies suggested me to do Win+L for Lock(AFAIK). It worked.... but when I came back later that night, the computer would not wake up as it normally would from a regular Stand by. I tried everything and I had a lot of time to wait between trials since I was reconfiguring my living room for my [new purchase](SECRET_TO_BE_REVEALED) I had just bought at Futureshop. thank you Microsoft for crashing our computers for now more than 12 years. (3.1 was not crashing that much as far as I can remember). For those looking for solution, you can try to install either Kubuntu, Ubuntu, OpenSuse or Mandriva on your PC for more stability. Or simply buying a Mac.

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Good news / Bad news

as usual, good news does not come alone. But today is a great news, built in Quebec, [The Zenn]( is the first 100% electric car. The weird part of the story is that the canadian government won't let it hit the shelves in Canada.

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