Firefox taking 1 gigabyte of ram

well, I must admit, it rarely pass 150MB in normal circumstance... I just thought it would be fun to push it further up. I could have waited more but I was tired. As funny as it may sound, my 2GB ram WinXP system did not suffer too much from it. Eventually I should try to max up the ram entirely see what would happen. ![firefox taking 1GB of ram](/files/firefox_using_a_GB_of_RAM.png)

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I passed the Gakusei level at Kanjibox.

Congratulations! You completed Gakusei level.

Your final score is 967 Pts!
Yahoo !!! **967** Pts!!! ![KanjiBox stats 2008-01-29](/files/kanjibox-stats-2008-01-29.PNG) but eh,... that's nothing, now I need to be able to write them all from memory.

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Collections of great links from today.

* [Is Harper Killing the Canadian Electric Car?]( * [Loss aversion]( * [Weird things about money](,0,7104647.story?coll=la-news-scimed) * [World's largest strip rock-paper-scissors tournament]( * [Get KDE4 running on MacOSX in a snap]( * [Drug legalization?]( * [The secret of happiness]( * [Postpone worry for later and be happy]( * [facebook : Green Party of Canada]( * [facebook : NDP's Jack Layton's page]( * [Bill Gates' last work day]( * [How RFID will compromise privacy, security and freedom]( * [How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Purchase and Watch Your Every Move ]( and a copy paste from a Facebook update from the Green Party of Canada. **Breaking News: Greens are Canada's new third party!** 2:58am Wednesday, Nov 14, 2007 Dear Friends, Today is a historic first for the Green Party of Canada. Today, for the first time in our 24-year history, we are polling as one of Canada's top three parties in a national survey of voter intentions. The Green Party is nationally in third place. We can win seats. You can help us do it. The latest Strategic Counsel survey for the Globe and Mail/CTV News shows that the Green Party with 13% has overtaken both the NDP (12%) and the Bloc Quebecois (11%) for the first time ever. Also, Green support in the west now stands at a strong 18%, ahead of the fourth-place NDP (16%). We must ask for Canadians' help to ensure that Elizabeth May is in the nationally televised leaders' debates. If Elizabeth is in the debates, there is no doubt in my mind that we will elect Green MPs. [The Green Party has never won any seats in Canada (federally or provincially), nor has the Green Party been included in any televised debates... yet] Visit the group for more info. :)

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Trouble shooting the internet : part #<no count available>

Hey everybody. I was at my friends place tonight. and we had sort of a geek night. we both work in <insert computer related fields here> and ... well anyway... we've got some trouble making his inboard sata raid controller working and I ended up on [that website]( relating to a similar problem.
"Via VT8237 Serial ATA BIOS Setting Utility V 2.10

Scan Devices Please Wait!
Press <Tab> key into user window!

(Tab doesn't work BTW)

Hardware Initiate Failed Please Check the Device!!!
The BIOS does not be installed. Press <g> to continue"
the original question of the thread was that pressing TAB when the raid controller was asking us to would simply do nothing. and tonight. my friend figured out that the bios simply had PS2 support disabled. Microsoft Windows (the OS I respect very much hahahaha) is later on adding his own PS2 support so the BIOS did not need to support the keyboard device ... Until you really need it. mouhahaha.

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Bush says: swiss cheeze ain't gonna work.

first time in 8 years he is going to the countries he is destroying. Thanks god he is bringing wisdom to this world. determined to set peace between the two countries.Bush says: swiss cheeze ain't gonna work. love you too let's pay more tax this year, increase poverty and do war. "do war" ? what...? war isn't a verb yet ? what a shame, I am warring you. wait, it is a verb. Iraq has been warred! ハハハハハ. thanks bush for such entertaining planet.

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Magic Finger : Find the G Spot!

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Excellent Videos

**Tony v. Paul** From the vault... Awesome stop motion fight. Just turn off your brain and enjoy. **Dice Stacking Vol 3** Nobody knows what the hell this is, but this kid sure is getting much better at it.

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