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When I type in my salary in an income entry, it shows a negative balance of that amount (e.g., I type in 2770, and it shows a balance of -2770). When I then type in my expenses, it reduces the negative amount by that number (so, income is 2770, gas is 40, balance shows -2730). So it seems the program is confusing my expenses and income. I really want to use this site, but I can't figure out how to get it to work.

Also, when I go to edit an entry, I can't find the way to edit the "reapeats" section.

Please Help!


1 - Yes this is true. but this is only for per-page-total on the transactions list page. it is the way the system works, this total is mainly used when you do a search, actually. you can ignore it. "Home" page and "Stats" page are most important.

2 - to edit recurring options, you must edit the recurring record under the recurring expenses list page. at stored expenses in your transaction list are now just regular transactions.

have fun budgeting.

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