Perl weirdness 2010#001

Perl keeps impressing me (negatively) with weird stuff such as implicit context and so on.... but that one is really out of the ordinary...
prompt~/ perl 
print "-------\n\n";
my $x = '';
$x->{'datacenter'} ||= '__';
use Data::Dumper; 
print Dumper $x;
print "x".$x->{'datacenter'}."x\n";
my $y = '';
print "y".$y->{'datacenter'}."y\n";
my $z = '';
print "z".$z->{'datacenter'}."z\n";

$VAR1 = '';
first, I thought calling ->{} on a scalar/string would crash. to my surprise, my program passed. so I wrote this test only to learning something even crazier about perl. couldn't this be a security issue?

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my Blog is back up !!!!

After several server "hick ups" my blog is now back online ! Well, it never got offline, but dreamhost is not so generous on RAM and my blog was asking for more and more, thus I had to move it. I still think dreamhost is a nice place for hosting your stuff but I am sure you know that, at some point, you might need something more dedicated to your business... So my blog is now running on my own server, I also upgraded it to the latest typo (from 4.0.3 to 5.4.1) and it feels good to be able to type here again without fearing crashes....

And just so reading this is not entirely a waste of time, here is for your viewing pleasure one of my favorite Internet classic video....  



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