my second computer 1991 - 1995 - 1998

* System 32bit ;) 386SX-16 with 1MB or RAM. 40MB hard disk. I paid around 2000$ including Windows 3.0 which was like 300$ at the time. eventually, I upgraded it to have a 100MB harddrive and 2MB memory. it quickly filled up. it's only in 1996 I upgraded it for a Pentium 120 and a 1.2GB harddrive. then I got the Internet and started learning about Linux. Eventually, my system would not boot because I had no space left in /tmp or something like that. I could have reinstalled but I could have quickly ended up in the same situation, so I bought a 1.6GB harddrive ;)

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  1. Humour Says
    I use to have the same !
  2. sondages payants Says
    lindsay isnt gonna smoke miley and mandy..she is gonna smoke POT


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