National Debt SCAM or why your income tax are used to increase banks wealth

For every 1000$ you have in the bank, they will loan 100,000$ over time and collect interest on it. That's how money is created. The national debt is the size of the economy. We want to economy to grow and only through debt it grows. They don't want us to copy music and movies but they have been copying our money for hundred of years without us saying a word about it. How many friends can borrow your car at a single time? You'd guess 1 friend per car as you don't know how to clone your car, uh? Well, they clone our money like people P2P songs. Without this system, we would have need to find gold metals and create products for every paper money to be printed. The economy could not have boomed and some 0.001% could not have made trillion in the last 40 years on our hard work. income tax on labour work is mostly to pay interest to bank, making sure they are getting richer and economy is "healthy", ahem ... wealthy. The entire system will have to change or we will crash, unless we forgot about all of our debt. Keep our house and cars and we all stop paying the loan we have. But then that's unfair to those who paid their loan or paid attention not to have any? Well what is fair? People, you have to think about it and to talk about it. It's your life and your children life. I say, we all take our money out of the bank and stop paying our loan on the same day.

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