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I remember about 2 years ago I was reading an article about bonus and rewards in a company. And how this is the worst management idea ever. As it might push your people in the butt for a bit, in the long term, you might lose core element of your team. Why? because there is no difference between a Bonus and a Punishment. And as much as the winner is happy to go home with his bonus, everyone else feels punished as they did not received it. And this is BAD. Of course in Japan, there are also companies with bonus system. No one escape to the temptation. but where is this interresting bit I found? In the language. shoubatsu (賞罰 / しょうばつ) in Japanese means both rewards and punishment. I found that very interresting that early in the conception of the language they thought of this concept as one single thing. It remembers me also the verb kiku (聞く / きく) means both to hear/listen and to ask. How many people asks questions and actually never listen to the answer? How common is that. Well, if you ask for something you algo gotta listen. In Japanese this is again one single meaning. So in english, instead of saying "May I ask you something?" You could say instead "May I listen something from you?" Which might sound a bit weird but should in fact communicate better more what you are about to do. just thought It might be interresting to share.

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Here is my latest toy. I made myself a Kanji studying tool. It took me only few hours to build using [QtRuby]( I find it pretty amazing what I built in this short amount of time even though I don't have much experience with this technology. It is a really impressive technology. I build up a small [kexi]( ([sqlite3]( database, which I open with [ActiveRecord]( I could have used Qt's SQL module, but I'm so used to AR that I did not bother. I named it kikkanji because I first intended to create a kicker panel applet. but, panel applets are not yet possible with QtRuby. so I had to wait. I instead used [Qt Designer]( and created myself a main window. ![kikkanji](/files/kikkanji-2005-05-17.png) download now comments and feature request are definitely welcome.

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