Wow, I never had that feeling before.

Wow, I never had this feeling before. I am super grateful to
  • those who've act like super-jackass with me.
  • Refused to fight for me.
  • Gave up on me.
  • Did not listen to me carefully and considered half a second they could be wrong.
To all of you ! THANK YOU ! Without you all, I would not have moved on and I would not be where I am today. Life is awesome and don't let someone else tell you what you can't do. not even that little voice of yours.

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You want some Linux games?

Then pledge for the sequel of this excellent game.

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Why isn't anybody doing anything?

Well, actually, a lot of people are doing something. Here is a small list of links I have found searching for people who care. If you want to help, I am sure you can join one of those. Canada: Occupy: Freeman: US:

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National Debt SCAM or why your income tax are used to increase banks wealth

For every 1000$ you have in the bank, they will loan 100,000$ over time and collect interest on it. That's how money is created. The national debt is the size of the economy. We want to economy to grow and only through debt it grows. They don't want us to copy music and movies but they have been copying our money for hundred of years without us saying a word about it. How many friends can borrow your car at a single time? You'd guess 1 friend per car as you don't know how to clone your car, uh? Well, they clone our money like people P2P songs. Without this system, we would have need to find gold metals and create products for every paper money to be printed. The economy could not have boomed and some 0.001% could not have made trillion in the last 40 years on our hard work. income tax on labour work is mostly to pay interest to bank, making sure they are getting richer and economy is "healthy", ahem ... wealthy. The entire system will have to change or we will crash, unless we forgot about all of our debt. Keep our house and cars and we all stop paying the loan we have. But then that's unfair to those who paid their loan or paid attention not to have any? Well what is fair? People, you have to think about it and to talk about it. It's your life and your children life. I say, we all take our money out of the bank and stop paying our loan on the same day.

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my second computer 1991 - 1995 - 1998

* System 32bit ;) 386SX-16 with 1MB or RAM. 40MB hard disk. I paid around 2000$ including Windows 3.0 which was like 300$ at the time. eventually, I upgraded it to have a 100MB harddrive and 2MB memory. it quickly filled up. it's only in 1996 I upgraded it for a Pentium 120 and a 1.2GB harddrive. then I got the Internet and started learning about Linux. Eventually, my system would not boot because I had no space left in /tmp or something like that. I could have reinstalled but I could have quickly ended up in the same situation, so I bought a 1.6GB harddrive ;)

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my first computer circa 1985

This is the first computer I've been playing with. Mostly using BASIC language trying to make something work. Played around with Lotus 1.2.3. *** Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 2 *** * CPU: Motorola 6809E, 0.8 MHz * Memory: 16K RAM; 6K ROM * Display Capability: 32 lines by 16 character text, 256x192 8-color graphics * Operating System: ROM BASIC * Input/Output: Composite color video output; Joystick ports; cartridge port Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 2

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Find the length of a wav file in Ruby

I needed a way to find out quickly the length of the wav file. in a previous version, I was simply guessing it from the file size, saying that a wav file is about a megabyte per minute. but that ain't the proper way. Thanks to this site giving me the wav file header. I could quickly write my own in Ruby.

def wavinfo(input) def bytes_to_int(bytes) bytes.unpack("L").first end # try to load a file form the filesystem unless we got a data stream as a parameter unless input[0..3] == 'RIFF' file =,"r") input = file.close end return { :filesize => (8 + bytes_to_int(input[4..7])), :wavefmt => input[8..15], :format => bytes_to_int(input[16..19]), :pcm => bytes_to_int(input[20..21]), :channels => bytes_to_int(input[22..23]), :frequency => bytes_to_int(input[24..27]), :bytes_per_second => bytes_to_int(input[28..31]), :bytes_by_capture => bytes_to_int(input[32..33]), :bits_per_sample => bytes_to_int(input[34..35]), :always_data => input[36..39], :bytes_in_data => bytes_to_int(input[40..43]), :wav_length => bytes_to_int(input[40..43]).to_f / bytes_to_int(input[28..31]), } end hope this helps you

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How to use JustBudget

Many people are asking me how to use JustBudget. I must admit there are not a lot of documentations and it can't be confusing at first. But in fact, it is really easy. Here is some explanation. To use JustBudget properly, you need to understand a few simple facts that lead to proper usage. JustBudget has been built on the idea that people who can't keep money aside is because they don't know where it all goes. Well, most people think they know. But fact is; it's very easy to lose track of where you spend how much. This is exactly where JustBudget is meant to be useful. JustBudget is not following the "envelop" approach where you try to plan ahead and split up what you have in your buckets. JustBudget is asking you to input all of your spending. And after a few weeks of data, it will draw you out some congregated information. Add your incomes if you want to know how much you're saving or you are under. But spending is most important. Category is meant to be like "Rent, Groceries, TV service, Games, Restaurant, etc". Note that I always split Groceries and Restaurant. Actually, I even split Fast Food from actual sit down restaurant. That helps me see how often I can eat in each of those for the same amount of money. Location is where you spent the money or the company. Who you pay your rent to, the grocery store you are going, your TV cable service company, where you buy your games, which restaurant you went, etc. This is meant to split up your expenses into a second level of details. Later, you will see which category and location are "popular" to you. Which one you go to the most and which one you spent the most. You don't have to change your habit too quick. JustBudget will show you a clear image of your situation. Then after a few weeks, you will start seeing what category might be taking too much of your budget than required. Then you will want to apply the changes that make sense to you. After several months, your stat page will show you an evolution between months. I like this page very much. It shows you all your monthly totals per category and the difference between them. So if you spent more or less in a category than the previous months, you will easy know by a red/green color-coded number. Inserting a proper date will give you more precise information. And the description can be helpful to you when looking back at your own stuff. I write why something cost more than usual, and gas price for a litre/galon for historical purposes. Splitting your expenses into several “budgets” is meant as a high level separation. When using a separate money currency or when moving to a new city for example. But in most cases, it should not be necessary. Remember to input your data as quickly as possible, daily is the best to not lose any precious information. Hope this helps. Mathieu

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Typo 5.5 upgrade and moved to a faster server.

I just upgraded my blog to the latest typosphere release. no issue at all. work perfectly. please tell me if you encounter any issue or slow down/speed up

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Microsoft finally release its Go game for Xbox 360.

Microsoft Research has been working on a computer-go AI engine for several years [1]. But we never knew how strong it was. Recently, Microsoft Research hired the two people that were behind iSheep. The game that won one of the recent XNA contest. These guys took care of building a decent looking XBLA game around the AI engine Microsoft Reseach had developped. if you win all the way through the story mode, the dialogs will sound buggy. The story is clearly written for someone who never played Go. But It offers a very good tutorial for new people coming into Go. Blended through a little story. Several culture mix and confusions between China and Japan is annoying for those who the difference. Several things in the background does not fit together at all. but most people won't see anything wrong. Other than that. its nice to see a good looking Go game for Xbox. The first one I see that brings nice 3D visuals for this awesome game we are playing for over 2500 years. that's nice. There are several user interaction issues I found annoying. such as why do I need to "Quit" my game, after a win, the term is plain wrong. Another annoying thing is some messages that appears too fast to be read and they seemed more interesting than the one you have to click 'A' your way through. I don't like Chinese scoring, a choice should have been made. I don't think it make such a difference on a regular 19x19 board. but on a small 9x9 board with 5.5 komi. it gets quite hard to win as black. That said, the AI is not that strong although its play does feel quite natural. But I have yet to try it on a large board. Setting up a game through Xbox live is a little bit annoying. You don't know how many people are currently online. So, it feels like you are waiting for nothing... In-game voice chat and or Kinect support would have been nice. Overall, I recommend the purchase. 400 Microsoft points is not exaggerated. and the 200 achievements gamer score points are easy to get. * The Path of Go [] * The Path of Go [IGN] * The Path of Go [Gamespot] * The Path of Go [Microsoft Research]

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