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I created my blog exactly a year ago. a little bit before I leave for Japan. and it has been almost a year I'm here now. [see the first post here](http://blog.somekool.net/articles/2006/01/19/first-post) I'd like to thank everyone who have followed my blog and checked it regularly. I hope the next year will be rich in information and my blogging experience will be interesting to others. I also like to say I'm sorry about my language inconsistencies. I wish I could write everything in all languages for all my readers. but sometimes, I need to make choice and write certain things in one specific language. thanks for sending your comments, even though they are not always shown on the website, they are appreciated.

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First Post

Wow ! Finally got my Blog Up. Been thinking about it for so long. I'm sure there is a very good existencial reason why I did not do it before. Here is a preview of what I may talk in the future here. * Tech news / discoveries * [Just Budget](http://justbudget.com "Just Budget") news and improvements * Political, Sociology, Philosophy, Evolutions thoughts. * Travel log of my trip in Japan coming up in March. * probably some other things I can't think of right now. Additionnaly I'm gonna have post in both english and french, trying to satisfy all my readers. I hope you'll have a good time reading me.

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