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Je suis tomber sur un site qui dresse un liste non-exhaustive mais plutot complete des film Quebecois depuis 1969. La navigation n'est pas genial, mais quand meme tres interressant. []( comme la liste est plutot dure a naviguer dans une petite fenetre, je la recopie ici. pour votre plaisir. clicker sur le titre pour voir la liste.
Histoire de famille, 2006
Un dimanche à Kigali, 2006
Le Survenant, 2005
Aurore, 2005
C.R.A.Z.Y., 2005
Horloge biologique, 2005
Idole instantanée, 2005
La dernière incarnation, 2005
La neuvaine, 2005
L'audition, 2005
Ma vie en cinémascope, 2004
Camping sauvage, 2004
Dans une galaxie près de chez vous, 2004
Elvis Gratton XXX : La vengeance d'Elvis Wong, 2004
Elles étaient cinq, 2004
Nouvelle-France, 2004
Le Dernier Tunnel, 2004
Monica la Mitraille, 2004
Les Aimants, 2004
L'Incomparable Mademoiselle C., 2004
Ce qu'il reste de nous, 2004
Mémoires affectives, 2004
Je n'aime que toi, 2004
Maman last call, 2003
La Grande Séduction, 2003
Les Invasions barbares, 2003
Mambo Italiano, 2003
Nez rouge, 2003
Sur le seuil, 2003
Gaz Bar Blues, 2003
Annie Brocoli dans les fonds marins, 2003
Comment ma mère accoucha de moi durant sa ménopause, 2003
La Face cachée de la lune, 2003
Séraphin - Un homme et son péché, 2002
L'Odyssée d'Alice Tremblay, 2002
Moïse: L'affaire Roch Thériault, 2002
La Mystérieuse Mademoiselle C, 2002
Québec-Montréal, 2002
Le Collectionneur, 2002
La Turbulence des fluides, 2002
Histoire de pen, 2002
Les Dangereux, 2002
Station Nord, 2002
Les Boys III, 2001
Nuit de noces, 2001
Karmina 2 : L'enfer de Chabot, 2001
15 février 1839, 2001
La Forteresse suspendue, 2001
Un crabe dans la tête, 2001
La Vie après l'amour, 2000
Hochelaga, 2000
Elvis Gratton 2 - Miracle à Memphis, 1999
Laura Cadieux... La suite, 1999
Le Dernier souffle, 1999
Histoires d'hiver, 1999
Souvenirs intimes, 1999
Les Boys II, 1998
C't'à ton tour Laura Cadieux, 1998
2 secondes, 1998
Les Boys, 1997
J'en suis, 1997
Matroni et moi, 1997
La Conciergerie, 1997
Matusalem II: Le dernier des Beauchesne, 1997
L'Homme idéal, 1996
Karmina, 1996
Liste noire, 1995
Le Confessionnal, 1995
Eldorado, 1995
L'Enfant d'eau, 1995
Le Sphinx, 1995
Louis 19 le roi des ondes, 1994
Octobre, 1994
La Florida, 1993
Matusalem, 1993
Le Sexe des étoiles, 1993
Léolo, 1992
La Postière, 1992
L'Assassin jouait du trombone, 1991
Ding et Dong le film, 1990
Une histoire inventée, 1990
Rafales, 1990
Cruising Bar, 1989
Jésus de Montréal, 1989
Dans le ventre du dragon, 1989
Le Party, 1989
Portion d'éternité, 1989
Comment faire l'amour avec un nègre sans se fatiguer, 1989
La Grenouille et la baleine, 1988
Les Portes Tournantes, 1988
Un zoo la nuit, 1987
Le Déclin de l'empire américain, 1986
Bach et bottine, 1986
Anne Trister, 1986
Le Matou, 1985
Elvis Gratton, 1985
La Guerre des tuques, 1984
Le Crime d'Ovide Plouffe, 1984
La Femme de l'hôtel, 1984
Bonheur d'occasion, 1983
Maria Chapdelaine, 1983
Les Chiens chauds, 1982
Les Plouffe, 1981
Les Bons Débarras, 1980
J.A. Martin photographe, 1976
Bingo, 1974
Kamouraska, 1973
Mon oncle Antoine, 1971
Deux femmes en or, 1970
L'Initiation, 1970
Valérie, 1969

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No use to wait for December to declare it best of 2007

Oh My God. I am just unbelievably impress by the chef-d'oeuvre I've assist to tonight. Some of you might know, Spiderman 3 was coming out in Japan first in the world. May 1st instead of May 5th. Plus 13 hours ahead on New York.... Usually Hollywood movies are a little bit late in Japan but not this time. So I went out and watch it tonight. I know I could potentially get tons of hit writing a full review. But like [the last time I wrote about a movie](/articles/2006/12/09/best-war-movie-letters-from-iwo-jima) I can't help myself but to keep the suspense to the viewer, to you. Let's just say one thing. It is perfect. Well, THE u.s. flag was a bit cheesy for my taste but apart from that... All the scene are following each other like a comic book. Each scene hits you right where it needs and there is no wait. it's pack of pure content. And if you got yourself into some kind of revenge/forgiveness problems, it might help you teaching yourself a good lesson. Well, I hope so! God save your heart "pauvre pecheur". Lucky I am, I'm in Japan. And Japan's movie theaters got a store selling bunch of stuff that would take months in America to be released. So I went ahead and, like a real fan, got myself stickers, a poster and translucent file-folder. Seriously I had really high expectation, which is usually a bad thing because it only brings disappointment. but this time, Hell no, my expectation has been surpassed on all measure. Whatever it takes, go see it on the big screen. And don't bother with the popcorn, you won't be able to keep your mouth shut one second.

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Best War Movie : Letters from Iwo Jima

This movie just came out yesterday, strange coincidence I was passing by the theater. This is pure Chef-d'oeuvre. I wish I could have understood more, but what I could understand was enough to make me learn enough about the story. It's fully japanese movie, but has been produced by Clint Eastwood. So, it got this final hollywood touch. Fortunately without breaking the whole thing. Like [Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)]( was way too much Holliwoodize. [Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)]( Is excellent and tells us a 4-6 months story with a 36 days attack. An attack the US had planned to succeed in 5 days. On a off-topic note, it really seems the story is repeating itself when I heard yesterday [Bush says that had not succeed as fast as they has planned]( I'm not too sure what he believes he succeeded there. but as I said. I'm off-topic. So the US was planning to get on Iwo Jima island to build a base and attack Japan's main island. Japan was already week at this moment, so US thought it would take only 5 days. this movies is so rough. and teach you so much about Japanese culture. It is very excellent. Now I really want to watch [Flags of Our Fathers (2006)]( Its "Letters from Iwo Jima"'s little sister. Basically, Clint Eastwood made two movies, one with the Japanese view and the other one about the US view. it's gotta be a Hit as well. Wait no longer. Go Watch it.

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Good movies : Densha Otoko and What the Bleep Do We know?

I recently phoned my best friend and telling her about that movie that I saw recently. From a cinematographic point of view, it ain't a chef-d'oeuvre. But it's still very interesting and worth seeing. Actually I don't like giving to much details about a movie so I'm gonna be brief. Just like I'm not a movie preview or review fan, I won't give the story away. I was talking about What the Bleep Do We know? [ [1]( ] [ [2]( ] Because I am in Japan and the movie is kinda craz, She ask me if it was Japanese, no it is not but that made me thought of another excellent but totaly different movie I saw recently. and this one IS Japanese. [Densha Otoko]( And Apparently, "The film was shot in 25 days, then released into cinemas only 35 days later.". Go check them out.

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