List of go software for the iphone

How, this is exciting.... I just got my iphone today and it looks like 5 games are either, announced, being developped or available for the iphone and the ipod touch. I am of course talking here about go, igo, baduk, weiqi, weiki, goe, you name it. it the best game in the universe. * [Sente:Goban]( : Can't find it anywhere, but I have been told by email by a developer they are working on a iphone version of their excellent software * [SmartGo]( : It has been said in [this conversation]( that a iphone version of smart go has been demoed at the US congress 2008 in portland. Update: it came out on September 11 [click here to download it]( * [ishudan]( : Actually seems to be a client/server PHP software, aimed to be working well on the iphone. * [tetsuki]( : This is the one that should make it to the AppStore. but when? Update: it came out on October 3, [click here to download it]( * [igo]( : And finaly but not the least. iGo from Robota seems to be the only installable iphone software at the moment. It has to be installed manually through ssh, and it is not compatible with firmware 2.x Now on the [AppStore](, and [it's awesome]( I hope you have a great time practicing your go on the iphone

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I have been waiting for this for soooo long

You might all already know that [Today]( is the day [Apple]( has [released]( his new notebooks featuring the Intel Core2Duo Penryn Processor and the now famous MultiTouch trackpad. I am now sitting here, waiting for my new computer I just bought over the internet a few hours ago. 15" Pro 2.5Mhz 6MB cache, 7200rpm are the options I have chosen. Core 2 Duo T9300 for the Win !!! congrats to me ! yei yei ! It is so funny I had made myself waiting for so long. 7 years. Yes, 7 years ago, I fell on my knees for the G4 Cube, what a beautiful creature, running the new Unix-based operating system. since then we've seen many more beautiful creatures from Apple, the G4 iMac, the G5 iMac. I also had the chance to work on a PowerMac G5 in Vancouver and an Intel iMac 20" and a ibook in Japan. Now it's my turn, my first very own Apple. And god, do I know this is the best deal ever with this brand new Intel processor ... T9300 yattah !

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New Apple iPod owner

It's so funny that such a Apple/Mac fan like me took so long. but I just bought my first iPod. And not that I think of it, my first Apple product. Well, I bought an Apple iMac G3 for my mother but it wasn't for me. I paid 7600 JPY for it (shuffle). That's 9800 minus 2200 yen I had in credit at the shop ;) An extra reason for the compulsive buy. 7600 yen it's also US$65.08 or CDN$68.46 at this moment. which is much less than the $79+tax I would have paid in Canada. Another guy factor that played in this compulsive and totally unplanned buy. Is the fact that I will spend 19 hours in a plane next thursday. As I am going back to Quebec on August 30th. 7600yen / 19 hours = 400yen/hour to have some music during this boring flight. which is priceless. Now that I understood how to open the box, I will play with my new toys and put some songs in it. And wait for October to buy my Apple Computer with Leopard on it. have a good one. PS: please DO NOT comment below this post.

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ユニクロ アイポッド アクセサリー

日本語リーダーこんにちは、 すみません、このポストは日本語の四めだけです。でも、また日本語で書きたいです。 なぜ今日は?アノー、面白いもの見つけました。ユニクロ店は[アイポッドアクセサリー](があります。 多分、面白くないですけど、とてもファー二とおもいました。 残念ながらアイポッド シャッフルは変わりました。[新しいアイポード](がでました。 私の日本語は上手ではありませんからおんとうにすみません。 このサイトにコメントしたくださいし、このサイトにまたきてください。 よろしく。

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Free Paint program for Mac OS X

As most of you might already know, I really like Apple products, especially their shiny new computers with Mac OS X. They keep saying its read out-of-the-box and you can do whatever you want from Day one. no other software necessary. its actually true. but there is one software missing that I can't beleive they did not include. Its a Paint program. There is no paint program shipped with Apple. I suppose its because most Apple user used to be designer and all needed Photoshop. but I don't need photoshop, I don't want to pay for it and I don't want to pirate it either. So here comes, I have taken a screenshot for my desktop (for my next post) onto my clipboard and I need to paste it somewhere. Holding onto my paste I am hunting down Free Paint software for OSX. I actually found quite a few. First google result returns [TuxPaint](, some kind of kiddish paint program. Probably very good for 3-5 years old kid who wants to learn how to use the mouse and draw stuff. but ain't really what I was looking for. Then I remembered the obvious [The Gimp]( Being a Linux user for many years, I know The Gimp as the de-facto imaging program under linux. But The Gimp still requires X11 to run, which is not as slick as I would expect and X11 also prevented me from pasting my image contect onto the gimp. BAD. Good news is that it got much faster than it was last year. anyway, lets move on. [ArtRage]( another totally different alternative. I could not do what I wanted but I discover what many people might like to play with. The paint tool is a pleasure to use. for all the artistic people within you, try this one out. its something to see going. more seriously there is [Seashore]( which is a port of the Gimp apparently. Mac-ized. Pretty sweet. I've done what I needed pretty quickly. It also got much stabler that last time I tried it, about a year ago. definitely a good pick. and The one that is gonna stick into my applications folder. [Pixen]( just like Seashore I've been able to do what I needed. but it just look slicker. ain't a port of something else. worked perfectly. well actually now that I remember correctly, it crashed on the first paste. but I restarted the application and it worked fine. so conclusion both [Pixen]( and [Seashore]( are good pics. [ArtRage]( deserve a try for his artistic behaviour and if you got a kid you might want to install TuxPaint, just and only for him ;) Happy painting ;) Update: apparently [PhotoShop Elements]( is also very good and inexpensive (ie. cheaper than Photoshop ... $150US) but I have not tried it as I was looking for something Free.

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Microsoft Windows Tech Tips #1

I got it. I finally understood this quickly aging [2001 Microsoft Windows XP system]( No more regular 6 months reinstallation. I am currently using my windows system and the famous [firefox webbrowser]( to write this blog post. Although I installed it more than a year ago, its still amazingly stable. The solution ? Everyone is listening ? Simple, If a Windows system usually last about 6 months or close to 180 days of uses. I just use my windows system only one day every 1 or 2 months. This way, my windows can potentially last 180 to 360 MONTHS !!!! Is this not very super crazy amazing!?!?!. Its more than enough long to survive before [Apple Leopard]( comes out (Spring 2007). In the mean time, If you wonder what to use the other 27-30 days of the months. Get yourself a copy [GNU Kubuntu Linux]( It's very inexpensive and definitely worth every penny you'll invest in this operating system. comments very welcome.

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Apple style Nintendo Wii advertisement

I came accross this one yesterday. Trying to find new flashy stuff about the Wii, sorta getting really excited here ;) Well, it's a bit too much let say. but everything they say makes so much sense. it's exactly like the current Apple ads. The fatty bitch is a PS3 and the slick little pussy is the right fit for immediate fun. Cheap and Easy ;) Watch this and comment below ;)

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A paranoid vision of the computing world.

Do Microsoft still owns important part of Apple? Do Mr Bill Gates received huge money from ipod sales and Mac switcher as well? I'd like to know if it is still the case. Because if so, things could become very scary.
What if the new popularity of Apple and the inaction of Microsoft was planned. Windows have not got a public release since 2001, except for service patch and server edition. People are getting tired and switch to Apple, for more security, easyness and newest technology. While windows keeps his hardcore fan until the end. but really, Microsoft is not doing anything. Some guy recently was remembering me that a day will come where Steve Jobs will disapear from Apple and Apple won't be as cool and as nice as it is now. Then we gonna need something else to use. Here is the crazy thought: when Microsoft windows gets infected by a virus or some similar crap. What happen ? The computer dies or almost, need to be reinstalled and potentially the computer had infected some others on the network. but really, is that it ? no data theft, no company corruption. just few machines behing reinstalled. no biggy eh ? What if Microsoft had always been behing viruses and now at the time of the information, it ain't enough anymore. Because on Apple/Linux/Unix, when you get a security issue: it's a computer intrusion. Which can lead to network intrusion, data theft and company corruption. Much worse. So here is the idea: Microsoft Windows is unmaintable, too many bugs, its just unfixable, everyone knows that, even Microsoft. OS X is a new and fresh product. Clean, Secure and becomes more popular. the adaption of Unix based system accross the board may cause more subtle problems. While insecure, people may not be informed and companies will access user data. I think they want a bigger computer war. Where geeks are soldier, user are victims and companies are trying to control the world while geeks are warning their friend of the threat. It is hard to show the actual point, I don't know if you see what I am trying to say. but it's not about a browser war anymore. Microsoft wants more and while everyone think they are asleep, they are installing their new weapon for world domination.

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