Gotta Love Dreamhost

So Dreamhost recently celebrated their 9th anniversary. and for this event they upped our disk space and bandwidth limit BY TEN (10). Actually, it feels like 20x.

So I was using 30% of my 20GB of space (got lot of pictures). and suddenly I am now only using 3% for my new 200GB of space ;) I wonder what would happen if everyone would suddenly decide to fill it up ;)

Dreamhost Host Quota, gotta love 'em

The best part is, I got this account for so cheap, I'm even a bit shy to tell you all the details....

So go ahead and create yourself a Dreamhost account by clicking here and save even more money by using this coupon code. GODREAMHOST20 Simply enter the coupon when you sign up for your account, you will save 20$ dollars on your invoice. its as easy as that.

if you need more info about Dreamhost and what not, feel free to ask me. I used them for a bit more than a year now. And I am simply more satisfied with them every single month.

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