Engineering jobs on the Moon

[Google]('s expansions has reached new levels. For everyone who ever dream of working on the moon. Here is your chance. With [Google Lunar team](

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Big Brother is my friend

So I am not gonna talk for 5 pages long about what is dangerous, good, bad or not about our new Big Brothers. But recently I have decided to be happy and to make people around me as happy as possible. And that means taking on services that makes my life easier for me and the people around me. So that includes * writing whatever I am thinking about on a [fully indexed]( [blog]( * Putting 98% of [my pictures]( on the Internet without thinking too much about who can see what? (yes 98%, I still got a private life, what do you think....) * Using [gmail]( as my #1 mail client and finally accepting the fact my emails are stored on someone else server. But hey, gmail CAN run fully under https (not like hotmail which only pass the login through https). That means that nobody can access my email, except me and Big Brother of course. * And Yes, that also includes keeping my budget and [writing and tracking all my incomes and expenses]( on a website, online. But that again, it's password protected and only me can access my data. And well, Big Brother.

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Do you HATE your programming language?

As many of you already know, [Google]( recently released their [Code search]( After reading about Code search ideas and found [Expression of which programming language sucks more. For instance, Python sucks. (thx, paolo)]( I thought, actually its not about which language suck the most. but what language are the programmer the less Happy with. So I checked a few of them. I'm sure the huge number next to C is related to the fact tons of C code is open sourced and C is also the oldest. but there is a huge difference there. * [PHP (20)]( * [Python (20)]( * [C++ (50)]( * [Java (50)]( * [C (25900)]( But finding "qt sucks" in kdelibs source is a bit of a shame. at least for me who literaly love Qt and KDE. [Qt (total 11)](, [KDE (total 2)]( I am a bit disapointed to find almost none [MFC Sucks]( It's probably just because there is not much open MFC code. Well, I hope so. But what I found very interesting and why I am actually posting this. Is because ..... (roulement de tambour)..... **No one**, programming in [Ruby]( thinks that [ruby sucks]( For few very simple and straight reasons.... [ruby rocks](, [i love ruby]( and [ruby is fantastic]( so go ahead and learn [Ruby]( and don't forget that people DO [love their job]( and [more](

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Google back in 1998

Just found this [university project draft]( rather interresting read.

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ALSA we love you

Anyone had fun with ALSA before ? Some would say its much better than OSS and much more powerful. Some would simply say the it supports more cards (well of course, development on OSS is kinda stopped for a while already) anyway. Who need this kinda of configuration ? why there is so many options to this config file ? its like your computer could really have 5 different sound card and reroute them in some weird way. well, buy a mixer. got true use for all the power ALSA offer ? please comment below. I'm just to a point where, even though you are a geek programmer, if all you want to do is software or web development. You don't really want to understand the fully underlying sound system of your operating system to chat with your girlfriend. There is advantage Linux has I can't live without but there is huge whack of extra time that you have to spend in order to get things working. And some of you who does not have problem, well either you have not used it long enough or you are just as picky as I can be. anyway, I did not want to troll about anything today. I'm just very tired of rebooting on windows when I have to do my phone calls. And **the good news is**: I found this little hack that I need to get both my soundcard device and my USB microphone as default device.
somekool@krypton ~ $ cat /etc/asound.conf
pcm.!default {
        type asym
        playback.pcm {
                type plug
                slave.pcm "hw:0,0"
        capture.pcm {
                type plug
                slave.pcm "hw:1,0"
somekool@krypton ~ $
that's it. so now I can just use arecord to record my voice without needing any options to specify the proper device.
somekool@krypton ~ $ arecord file.wav
well am I happy ? not really. skype needs OSS or OSS emulation to work. it does not use ALSA directly. but OSS is too old. and I can't really switch my system to it. so I'm not sure if I can get an OSS-emulated device for my USB microphone or If I really need to get arts to see my microphone. arts seems the easiest way to get everything working. but for some reason, it still does not see my microphone. Hey you out there who knows all about it but are just a little to shy to help. show yourself off it will be highly appreciated.

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