2 years and a half of ruby on rails

It has been 2 years and a half already since I had the pleasure to met David H. Hansson also known as DHH. He convinced me to use ruby on rails and swear by it from now on in the first week of November 2004. He was well prepared but it was easy anyway.... with such a nice technology, I can recognize what is good and I loved it right away. What he thought could be a week of arguments about our favorite technology took him only a few hours and then we could concentrate on our work and he helped us a lot.

I am happy I met him while he was not so famous, or at least I did not know him at all. He was just some guy coming which who we are spending a week training. If I had knew him, the whole week would have been so different. Admiring someone leads to much less productivity than just listening to someone. I remember even, before we take the picture before he leaves I remember thinking not being sure why we needed a picture. Now I am very happy to have this picture.


I was working at Combustion Labs in Vancouver and our great boss met DHH in a Chicago conference and decided to hire him to train us for a week. Thank you Mike.

And Thank you David H.H., because of you I now have a tool to suggest to help people write clean code and I of course have the best web development platform. Big Thanks

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