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# Wireless # # Cable # # Conclusion # My wireless router([BLW-HPMM]( and my wireless card([SMC2835W]( are very good ;)

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Big Brother is my friend

So I am not gonna talk for 5 pages long about what is dangerous, good, bad or not about our new Big Brothers. But recently I have decided to be happy and to make people around me as happy as possible. And that means taking on services that makes my life easier for me and the people around me. So that includes * writing whatever I am thinking about on a [fully indexed]( [blog]( * Putting 98% of [my pictures]( on the Internet without thinking too much about who can see what? (yes 98%, I still got a private life, what do you think....) * Using [gmail]( as my #1 mail client and finally accepting the fact my emails are stored on someone else server. But hey, gmail CAN run fully under https (not like hotmail which only pass the login through https). That means that nobody can access my email, except me and Big Brother of course. * And Yes, that also includes keeping my budget and [writing and tracking all my incomes and expenses]( on a website, online. But that again, it's password protected and only me can access my data. And well, Big Brother.

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My girlfriend is looking at boobies.

So I am working on my computer next to my girlfriend. From time to time she tells me "look". And there is this series of celebrities with big boobs on her screen. So I say "that's it, my girlfriend is looking at boobs on the internet". I thought "I really gotta blog about it." and she reply. "No, no, I'm looking at who got plastic surgery". hahahhahaha, ain't it funny? where is the difference come on. when she told me that, I was really convinced I needed to share it with the world. come on readers, how many of you have a girlfriend looking at boobs on the internet, hiding behind fashion's sakes?

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My Squidoo Lens is up and running

So I finally created my Squidoo lens. Actually, [My first squidoo lens]( is about [justbudget](, my little baby (web applicationaly speaking). Squidoo is a free service that allow you to create a web page easily and earn money from it. I'm not totally sure how it works yet. but it seems like they share google advertising profits with the [lensmaster]( So, basically I am trying this out. see how much traffic this is gonna generate. but one thing is sure, It was blazing fast to create my lens. thanks to RSS of course, most of the content is pulled from this blog. I might decide to create more lens later about other subject I care about. I am thinking, about KDE, Japan, Sports and who knows what. Why don't you [create your own lens to]( You can earn cash and get famous. Go ahead.

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