List of go software for the iphone

How, this is exciting.... I just got my iphone today and it looks like 5 games are either, announced, being developped or available for the iphone and the ipod touch. I am of course talking here about go, igo, baduk, weiqi, weiki, goe, you name it. it the best game in the universe. * [Sente:Goban]( : Can't find it anywhere, but I have been told by email by a developer they are working on a iphone version of their excellent software * [SmartGo]( : It has been said in [this conversation]( that a iphone version of smart go has been demoed at the US congress 2008 in portland. Update: it came out on September 11 [click here to download it]( * [ishudan]( : Actually seems to be a client/server PHP software, aimed to be working well on the iphone. * [tetsuki]( : This is the one that should make it to the AppStore. but when? Update: it came out on October 3, [click here to download it]( * [igo]( : And finaly but not the least. iGo from Robota seems to be the only installable iphone software at the moment. It has to be installed manually through ssh, and it is not compatible with firmware 2.x Now on the [AppStore](, and [it's awesome]( I hope you have a great time practicing your go on the iphone

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great facebook application

I just found a great application on facebook which display pretty much everything there is to show about my ipod usage. last played, last added, most played, artists, songs, etc. everything. unfortunately, because it is a great application and well done, it will hardly become popular. why? because it is so good. There is no ads and it does not let you spread it like a facebook virus. and its the one application I wish would spread over facebook like a virus. [have a look]( by the way,... We are humans not numbers but I am [Mr. #622940633](

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New Apple iPod owner

It's so funny that such a Apple/Mac fan like me took so long. but I just bought my first iPod. And not that I think of it, my first Apple product. Well, I bought an Apple iMac G3 for my mother but it wasn't for me. I paid 7600 JPY for it (shuffle). That's 9800 minus 2200 yen I had in credit at the shop ;) An extra reason for the compulsive buy. 7600 yen it's also US$65.08 or CDN$68.46 at this moment. which is much less than the $79+tax I would have paid in Canada. Another guy factor that played in this compulsive and totally unplanned buy. Is the fact that I will spend 19 hours in a plane next thursday. As I am going back to Quebec on August 30th. 7600yen / 19 hours = 400yen/hour to have some music during this boring flight. which is priceless. Now that I understood how to open the box, I will play with my new toys and put some songs in it. And wait for October to buy my Apple Computer with Leopard on it. have a good one. PS: please DO NOT comment below this post.

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ユニクロ アイポッド アクセサリー

日本語リーダーこんにちは、 すみません、このポストは日本語の四めだけです。でも、また日本語で書きたいです。 なぜ今日は?アノー、面白いもの見つけました。ユニクロ店は[アイポッドアクセサリー](があります。 多分、面白くないですけど、とてもファー二とおもいました。 残念ながらアイポッド シャッフルは変わりました。[新しいアイポード](がでました。 私の日本語は上手ではありませんからおんとうにすみません。 このサイトにコメントしたくださいし、このサイトにまたきてください。 よろしく。

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