How many kanjis do I know ?

As of today, this is my status ;) ![kanjibox stats 2007-12-18](/files/kanjis-2007-12-18.PNG)

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Japanese Firefox Mascot


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How to escape a fart, or the Japanese TV at his best.

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Justbudget in Japanese

I kept it secret until today, but as some of you might know already. Justbudget has been translated in Japanese. I put the translation file on Oct 15th. If you see any mistakes, please submit them to me, I'll make sure it get corrected. And today I have another great surprise toward Japanese support in Justbudget. I finally fixed the 3dpie graph so it can display Japanese properly. I tried numerous attempt in the past year and I never could fine the proper combinaison to make everything work. Probably the same bug was present with Chinese, Korean, etc. So the fix should do it for all. Unfortunately I can only test Japanese on my computer. So if you got category written in Japanese or any other Language, it should display fine in the flash chart. Happy [budgeting](

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ユニクロ アイポッド アクセサリー

日本語リーダーこんにちは、 すみません、このポストは日本語の四めだけです。でも、また日本語で書きたいです。 なぜ今日は?アノー、面白いもの見つけました。ユニクロ店は[アイポッドアクセサリー](があります。 多分、面白くないですけど、とてもファー二とおもいました。 残念ながらアイポッド シャッフルは変わりました。[新しいアイポード](がでました。 私の日本語は上手ではありませんからおんとうにすみません。 このサイトにコメントしたくださいし、このサイトにまたきてください。 よろしく。

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So much professionalism from thoses Zencart programmer

diff -r admin-languages/english/password_forgotten.php ../worldshop/admin/includes/languages/english/password_forgotten.php
< // $Id: password_forgotten.php 1105 2005-04-04 22:05:35Z birdbrain $
> // $Id: password_forgotten.php 4347 2006-09-02 19:02:26Z drbyte $

Nice try mate :-P

'); < define('SUCCESS_PASSWORD_SENT', '

Success: A new password has been sent to your e-mail address.

'); --- > define('ERROR_WRONG_EMAIL_NULL', '

Go away gooberbrain :-P

'); > define('SUCCESS_PASSWORD_SENT', '

A new password has been sent to your e-mail address.

This is a diff between an english language file from zencart 1.3 to 1.3.5 Big question is, how many zencart user wants to call their customers "mate" or better "gooberbrain" when they enter a wrong password. god damn maybe even funnier, I was looking for a Japanese language pack on [their forum]( The files are available through a [SVN repository]( but the guy is too stupid to realize the files can be fetch using svn. and [propose publicaly to everyone to download every single files by hand.]( Next another very brave guy went and download them all and offer us [a zip of his patient work]( So kind of him.... Did I ever mention when do I think of patient program who does not care going the long way and not do thing properly. well its another subject I guess. Later the first guy propose some windows software to [downthemall]( in five pages of forum thread nobody ever realize this was a SVN repository.
svn co front-store-languages
svn co admin-languages
Conclusion? go ahead, get yourself a shopping cart from one of those expert. They definitely have the patience to get the job done.

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justbudget: small update

Hello everybody, thanks for reading and thanks for using justbudget. It's very sad I don't have more time to put on this project because I really enjoy every minute I am putting on it. It became very pretty and very stable in my humble opinion. Well, at least I don't have much problem with it. If you do, you would tell me, right? anyway, I'm posting this today to tell you about the recent changes that I made in justbudget. click 'more' to read on....
today, I added to the possibility to edit the description, the date and time when doing a money transfer between budgets. also fix javascripts bugs when you start clicking around and changing the amount or on a different budget to do the transfer from/to. For those of you who have a budget in Japanese Yen currency, well I made a small update for you. It did not bug me much, but my girlfriend insist it was capital to change it ;) So I went through all the code and put in place a function to format the money according to the currencies. so Japanese yens does not show hundredth of yen anymore. If there is more currency I should change, please let me know. I'll do it asap. it should only take a minute to do now ;). fix some more things in the expenses import function. hopefully it will work for everybody now. I also found a problem in the search. it was not budget aware, it has stayed as it was in version 1. and that's pretty much it for the recent updates. stay tuned for more....

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Bowlingual? and more japanese TV....

Today I've learned about one of the most interesting Japanese electronic device ever. (So much interesting I should be writing this in french as well. although, I'm too lazy.) [The Bowlingual]( A dog-language to japanese language translator. Now available in the [US](, this device is apparently not only able to convert barks into feelings but also writes japanese and really convert it into meaning. I was watching a show where few Japanese people went to the US to track wolf and test this device. (as far as I could understand). They found guys specialized in tracking wolves to be led to them. The main guy could imitate the wolf call so wolves would "*answer*"... thus recording it and translating what wolves says. While I am here, I should say I much television was interesting tonight. I was just coming back from class and this program was starting where they were testing peoples dogs against thieves. Rather interesting. A "*thief*" visited 100 houses, trying to get in the house even though a dog was present. The thief was offering steaks to the dog in order to calm it down. Although, in a few cases, it was not necessary: one dog simply start masturbating on the thief's leg. Another one, looking bored just walked away. Another one, excited as hell just ran around, hit the some pole, finally got scared and ran away. Most dogs simply accepted the meat and start eating slowly. The "*thief*" entered 84 houses of the 100s. It was very interesting to see the few dogs who not only refused to meat but bark at the meat although next to their nose to finally push away the thief. but 16%, what kinda of score is this? Would your accept the meat? You maybe taught your dog to bark at stranger but did you taught him to refuse food from stranger as we do with our kids and candies? Very interresting, I really wonder how dogs in US/Canada/Quebec/Europe/Australia would succeed. Following to that was another test. They found 10 girls, rather quiet and conservatives to invite a bad guy, "*a street-gang boss*" (fake) at her home. Having him to ask the father her for wife. Being really impolite. No japanese rules applied here ;) It was funny as hell to see how the guy was talking and stuff. Sad I could not understand it all. The program ended being not so interresting, the shown the 3 most interresting. I think they probably cut the best part but all in all, the idea was very interesting. I wish everybody would know how interrestingly different the television in Japan is. Although, I still think it's a useless leasure, the cultural aspect is very strong. well, enough. have a good night. Mathieu

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Here is my latest toy. I made myself a Kanji studying tool. It took me only few hours to build using [QtRuby]( I find it pretty amazing what I built in this short amount of time even though I don't have much experience with this technology. It is a really impressive technology. I build up a small [kexi]( ([sqlite3]( database, which I open with [ActiveRecord]( I could have used Qt's SQL module, but I'm so used to AR that I did not bother. I named it kikkanji because I first intended to create a kicker panel applet. but, panel applets are not yet possible with QtRuby. so I had to wait. I instead used [Qt Designer]( and created myself a main window. ![kikkanji](/files/kikkanji-2005-05-17.png) download now comments and feature request are definitely welcome.

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