How to use JustBudget

Many people are asking me how to use JustBudget. I must admit there are not a lot of documentations and it can't be confusing at first. But in fact, it is really easy. Here is some explanation. To use JustBudget properly, you need to understand a few simple facts that lead to proper usage. JustBudget has been built on the idea that people who can't keep money aside is because they don't know where it all goes. Well, most people think they know. But fact is; it's very easy to lose track of where you spend how much. This is exactly where JustBudget is meant to be useful. JustBudget is not following the "envelop" approach where you try to plan ahead and split up what you have in your buckets. JustBudget is asking you to input all of your spending. And after a few weeks of data, it will draw you out some congregated information. Add your incomes if you want to know how much you're saving or you are under. But spending is most important. Category is meant to be like "Rent, Groceries, TV service, Games, Restaurant, etc". Note that I always split Groceries and Restaurant. Actually, I even split Fast Food from actual sit down restaurant. That helps me see how often I can eat in each of those for the same amount of money. Location is where you spent the money or the company. Who you pay your rent to, the grocery store you are going, your TV cable service company, where you buy your games, which restaurant you went, etc. This is meant to split up your expenses into a second level of details. Later, you will see which category and location are "popular" to you. Which one you go to the most and which one you spent the most. You don't have to change your habit too quick. JustBudget will show you a clear image of your situation. Then after a few weeks, you will start seeing what category might be taking too much of your budget than required. Then you will want to apply the changes that make sense to you. After several months, your stat page will show you an evolution between months. I like this page very much. It shows you all your monthly totals per category and the difference between them. So if you spent more or less in a category than the previous months, you will easy know by a red/green color-coded number. Inserting a proper date will give you more precise information. And the description can be helpful to you when looking back at your own stuff. I write why something cost more than usual, and gas price for a litre/galon for historical purposes. Splitting your expenses into several “budgets” is meant as a high level separation. When using a separate money currency or when moving to a new city for example. But in most cases, it should not be necessary. Remember to input your data as quickly as possible, daily is the best to not lose any precious information. Hope this helps. Mathieu

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small update

Hi everyone, just to let people know I fix the help system, some might have wanted to email me but unfortunately it was broken for some time. this is now fix. if you encounter any issue. please post your questions/comments into the help system. for new users, please keep in mind justbudget has been thought as an "expense tracker". You write down what you spend and then it gives your a clear picture on your habits. When you see Starbuck in your top 5 popular locations with total spent amount of 2000$... you're thinking maybe I had prefer getting a new computer instead of this bad coffee. happy budgeting

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Justbudget testimonial

From Chris: In a world where fast access is everything, this service is right on time. Its simple, easy to use and effective in showing your cash flows. Thank you JustBudget team for allowing one more aspect of my life to be centralized and organized online.

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Justbudget in Japanese

I kept it secret until today, but as some of you might know already. Justbudget has been translated in Japanese. I put the translation file on Oct 15th. If you see any mistakes, please submit them to me, I'll make sure it get corrected. And today I have another great surprise toward Japanese support in Justbudget. I finally fixed the 3dpie graph so it can display Japanese properly. I tried numerous attempt in the past year and I never could fine the proper combinaison to make everything work. Probably the same bug was present with Chinese, Korean, etc. So the fix should do it for all. Unfortunately I can only test Japanese on my computer. So if you got category written in Japanese or any other Language, it should display fine in the flash chart. Happy [budgeting](

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justbudget in french and german

Today I am very proud to announce the immediate availability of justbudget in french and german. They are the first version of the translations so, they might need minor adjustments. If you got any comments or suggestion, please feel free to submit your thought as a comment to this post. also if you have trouble accessing justbudget in your language, feel free to ask for it. it should be automatic according to your browser language setting. but in case you cannot access the french or german version. please ask. if you think the idea is great and you would like to see justbudget in your own language, feel free to offer your help translating it in your own language. also, I would like to offer my best thanks to the my translators who made it possible. its awesome to see the first translation live. please everyone offer them a round of applause. and as a little surprise I got something else for you all. I created a [forum for justbudget users]( You can use it as you wish to discuss anything related with budgets, saving money and using my software. I created international forums for non-english discussion. I am gonna create more as it grows. cheers,

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justbudget: small update

Hello everybody, thanks for reading and thanks for using justbudget. It's very sad I don't have more time to put on this project because I really enjoy every minute I am putting on it. It became very pretty and very stable in my humble opinion. Well, at least I don't have much problem with it. If you do, you would tell me, right? anyway, I'm posting this today to tell you about the recent changes that I made in justbudget. click 'more' to read on....
today, I added to the possibility to edit the description, the date and time when doing a money transfer between budgets. also fix javascripts bugs when you start clicking around and changing the amount or on a different budget to do the transfer from/to. For those of you who have a budget in Japanese Yen currency, well I made a small update for you. It did not bug me much, but my girlfriend insist it was capital to change it ;) So I went through all the code and put in place a function to format the money according to the currencies. so Japanese yens does not show hundredth of yen anymore. If there is more currency I should change, please let me know. I'll do it asap. it should only take a minute to do now ;). fix some more things in the expenses import function. hopefully it will work for everybody now. I also found a problem in the search. it was not budget aware, it has stayed as it was in version 1. and that's pretty much it for the recent updates. stay tuned for more....

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Justbudget v2 released

Wo, it took a long time before I actually take the time to deliver this to the world. Sorry for the long wait. the Current justbudget was starting to show his age. here is a quick list of what changed since the last version. I hope you gonna like the new version. I have put a lot of work into it. sorry it took so long, but I think it was worth the wait. In the future we will definitely see more regular and smaller updates. Bringing a new design along with Major features was just a lot at the same time for a single person. I will appreciate every comments and questions you may have. you can post them here as comments or on the [justbudget help page]( Also make sure to tell me if you encounter bugs, problems or just annoying little things. I'm very excited about this, please tell me what you think. [ click 'Read More' for the changes ]
* A whole NEW DESIGN !!! Woohoo, the new design still a little broken as I did not have much time to look at it lately but I will fix as many issues as I can as soon as possible. I got the thank my friend [Sebastian Rosa]( who made the new look. I think he did a great job with justbudget. * you can now run multiple budgets on one account. this allow a lot of things. such as running a different budgets for your separate wifes, kids or shop branches. you can run money transfer between branches and use different currencies. I'm very proud of this feature. I hope you will like it. * stats page now show all months from the start. a bug was causing to display only 1 month until you got 5 months of history. also, a new dropdown has been added to show a custom amount of months. * "edit profile" has been renamed to "preferences" * temporary hide the unused timezone field on the preferences page * fix search paging * add totals per page and for the search * remove extra ugly border * default date on new expenses set to NOW(), so you dont have to enter a date/time if you dont need to. * profile page * rename to "preferences" * make tab or section. * second tab is "data manipulation" * rename location, category. * warn on collision/merge. * third tab is "multiple budgets" * create new budget * transfer money from budget to budget * suggest current rate but allow to modify it. * warn if budget is not valid/init on login * better 404,500 errors message * cleaner interface with submenu * you can now rename your all locations and categories * fix graph with empty stats. * splitting the "new" button for incomes and expenses with a submenu * splitting the list button too with a submenu * start placing time tracking features * fix flash charts to display japanese caracters properly * and much, much more.... ENJOY !!!

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