Windows Explorer?

Maybe you guys can help me. Since 1995, I have been struggling with this Windows Explorer trying to manage my windows. But all I can see is files and directories. Every forum I went to over the last 13 years have been only filled with impolite people trying to tell me I did not understand a thing and that, of course, files and directories were shown in the Windows Explorer and not windows. Then I ask, why isn't it called the File Explorer? After all, it is a file manager that lets you explore your files and directory.

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Microsoft Windows Freeze

Still today, Microsoft Windows is showing us the most annoying freeze ever. Recently I have been forced to switch to Windows from [Linux]( I usually put it on sleep by doing **Start** => **Turn Off** => **Stand by**. Which requires multiple clicks and seconds for the menu to popup. One of my friend which happen to be an expert in Microsoft technologies suggested me to do Win+L for Lock(AFAIK). It worked.... but when I came back later that night, the computer would not wake up as it normally would from a regular Stand by. I tried everything and I had a lot of time to wait between trials since I was reconfiguring my living room for my [new purchase](SECRET_TO_BE_REVEALED) I had just bought at Futureshop. thank you Microsoft for crashing our computers for now more than 12 years. (3.1 was not crashing that much as far as I can remember). For those looking for solution, you can try to install either Kubuntu, Ubuntu, OpenSuse or Mandriva on your PC for more stability. Or simply buying a Mac.

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Do you HATE your programming language?

As many of you already know, [Google]( recently released their [Code search]( After reading about Code search ideas and found [Expression of which programming language sucks more. For instance, Python sucks. (thx, paolo)]( I thought, actually its not about which language suck the most. but what language are the programmer the less Happy with. So I checked a few of them. I'm sure the huge number next to C is related to the fact tons of C code is open sourced and C is also the oldest. but there is a huge difference there. * [PHP (20)]( * [Python (20)]( * [C++ (50)]( * [Java (50)]( * [C (25900)]( But finding "qt sucks" in kdelibs source is a bit of a shame. at least for me who literaly love Qt and KDE. [Qt (total 11)](, [KDE (total 2)]( I am a bit disapointed to find almost none [MFC Sucks]( It's probably just because there is not much open MFC code. Well, I hope so. But what I found very interesting and why I am actually posting this. Is because ..... (roulement de tambour)..... **No one**, programming in [Ruby]( thinks that [ruby sucks]( For few very simple and straight reasons.... [ruby rocks](, [i love ruby]( and [ruby is fantastic]( so go ahead and learn [Ruby]( and don't forget that people DO [love their job]( and [more](

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Faites attentions au SPAM

ok, vous l'avez entendu, mais apparement on le repete jamais assez. J'ai recu un beau petit virus dans ma boite courriel ce matin. Heureusement, j'utilise Apple Macintosh donc tout ce que j'ai eu a faire c'est de le mettre a la poubelle sans me soucier des consequence. mais ca fesait quand meme un bout de temps que je n'avais pas recu un spam de ce style. Alors j'ai decider d'en faire un screenshot et de le montrer au monde. ![Microsoft SPAM bundled with Virus Worm](/files/microsoft_spam_small.gif) Si vous portez legerement attention, you remarquerez que Microsoft ne raccourci jamais son nom pour s'appeller MS. Je crois que cest un peu epais de leur part d'avoir inscrit MS Internet Explorer, MS outlook, etc. Microsoft ne support plus les system 95,98 et Me, Donc plus aucune patch de ce genre ne verra le jour. Sans mentionner que sachant qu'aucun logiciel legitime fonctionne sur tout les differents windows, je vois mal une mise a jour de security s'appliquer a toutes leurs system d'exploitations. n'est pas Mr. Microsoft. Et le nom Patch39.exe ne resemble a rien de bon. faites attention a vous et la prochaine fois que vous decider d'acheter un ordinateur, assurez-vous qu'il fonctionne avec quelque chose d'autre que Microsoft XYZ.

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Microsoft Windows Tech Tips #1

I got it. I finally understood this quickly aging [2001 Microsoft Windows XP system]( No more regular 6 months reinstallation. I am currently using my windows system and the famous [firefox webbrowser]( to write this blog post. Although I installed it more than a year ago, its still amazingly stable. The solution ? Everyone is listening ? Simple, If a Windows system usually last about 6 months or close to 180 days of uses. I just use my windows system only one day every 1 or 2 months. This way, my windows can potentially last 180 to 360 MONTHS !!!! Is this not very super crazy amazing!?!?!. Its more than enough long to survive before [Apple Leopard]( comes out (Spring 2007). In the mean time, If you wonder what to use the other 27-30 days of the months. Get yourself a copy [GNU Kubuntu Linux]( It's very inexpensive and definitely worth every penny you'll invest in this operating system. comments very welcome.

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Microsoft Sound

Would **everyone** please shut their Windows start up sound. PLEASE !!!!

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A paranoid vision of the computing world.

Do Microsoft still owns important part of Apple? Do Mr Bill Gates received huge money from ipod sales and Mac switcher as well? I'd like to know if it is still the case. Because if so, things could become very scary.
What if the new popularity of Apple and the inaction of Microsoft was planned. Windows have not got a public release since 2001, except for service patch and server edition. People are getting tired and switch to Apple, for more security, easyness and newest technology. While windows keeps his hardcore fan until the end. but really, Microsoft is not doing anything. Some guy recently was remembering me that a day will come where Steve Jobs will disapear from Apple and Apple won't be as cool and as nice as it is now. Then we gonna need something else to use. Here is the crazy thought: when Microsoft windows gets infected by a virus or some similar crap. What happen ? The computer dies or almost, need to be reinstalled and potentially the computer had infected some others on the network. but really, is that it ? no data theft, no company corruption. just few machines behing reinstalled. no biggy eh ? What if Microsoft had always been behing viruses and now at the time of the information, it ain't enough anymore. Because on Apple/Linux/Unix, when you get a security issue: it's a computer intrusion. Which can lead to network intrusion, data theft and company corruption. Much worse. So here is the idea: Microsoft Windows is unmaintable, too many bugs, its just unfixable, everyone knows that, even Microsoft. OS X is a new and fresh product. Clean, Secure and becomes more popular. the adaption of Unix based system accross the board may cause more subtle problems. While insecure, people may not be informed and companies will access user data. I think they want a bigger computer war. Where geeks are soldier, user are victims and companies are trying to control the world while geeks are warning their friend of the threat. It is hard to show the actual point, I don't know if you see what I am trying to say. but it's not about a browser war anymore. Microsoft wants more and while everyone think they are asleep, they are installing their new weapon for world domination.

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