How to escape a fart, or the Japanese TV at his best.

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Une idée de fou pour un jeu télévisé

De plus en plus de personne sont soit bilingue ou trilingue. Ca serait cool si un jeu télévisé permetterait à ces talents de s'affronter en public. Un participant trilingue qui parlerait, par example, les langues A, B et C se présenterais au jeu télévisé dans le but de gagner une certain sommes d'argent. Le programme se devrais de trouver une personne qui parle la langue A, une autre qui parle la langue B, et ainsi de suite. Le participant devrait entretenir une conversation avec chacun d'entre eux au même moment sans distraction jusqu'a ce qu'une erreur se produise. Au quel moment il serait maintenant le tour du participant prochain. La meilleur performance gagne.

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Bowlingual? and more japanese TV....

Today I've learned about one of the most interesting Japanese electronic device ever. (So much interesting I should be writing this in french as well. although, I'm too lazy.) [The Bowlingual]( A dog-language to japanese language translator. Now available in the [US](, this device is apparently not only able to convert barks into feelings but also writes japanese and really convert it into meaning. I was watching a show where few Japanese people went to the US to track wolf and test this device. (as far as I could understand). They found guys specialized in tracking wolves to be led to them. The main guy could imitate the wolf call so wolves would "*answer*"... thus recording it and translating what wolves says. While I am here, I should say I much television was interesting tonight. I was just coming back from class and this program was starting where they were testing peoples dogs against thieves. Rather interesting. A "*thief*" visited 100 houses, trying to get in the house even though a dog was present. The thief was offering steaks to the dog in order to calm it down. Although, in a few cases, it was not necessary: one dog simply start masturbating on the thief's leg. Another one, looking bored just walked away. Another one, excited as hell just ran around, hit the some pole, finally got scared and ran away. Most dogs simply accepted the meat and start eating slowly. The "*thief*" entered 84 houses of the 100s. It was very interesting to see the few dogs who not only refused to meat but bark at the meat although next to their nose to finally push away the thief. but 16%, what kinda of score is this? Would your accept the meat? You maybe taught your dog to bark at stranger but did you taught him to refuse food from stranger as we do with our kids and candies? Very interresting, I really wonder how dogs in US/Canada/Quebec/Europe/Australia would succeed. Following to that was another test. They found 10 girls, rather quiet and conservatives to invite a bad guy, "*a street-gang boss*" (fake) at her home. Having him to ask the father her for wife. Being really impolite. No japanese rules applied here ;) It was funny as hell to see how the guy was talking and stuff. Sad I could not understand it all. The program ended being not so interresting, the shown the 3 most interresting. I think they probably cut the best part but all in all, the idea was very interesting. I wish everybody would know how interrestingly different the television in Japan is. Although, I still think it's a useless leasure, the cultural aspect is very strong. well, enough. have a good night. Mathieu

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Tiger Wood on Japanese television

Tiger Wood is on Japanese TV as I am writing this ;) The announcer ask him how many trophes he has. He said he does not know, but when he was 13 years old, he had 113 already. With bother counting at that point really. incredible ;)

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