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Hi everyone, just to let people know I fix the help system, some might have wanted to email me but unfortunately it was broken for some time. this is now fix. if you encounter any issue. please post your questions/comments into the help system. for new users, please keep in mind justbudget has been thought as an "expense tracker". You write down what you spend and then it gives your a clear picture on your habits. When you see Starbuck in your top 5 popular locations with total spent amount of 2000$... you're thinking maybe I had prefer getting a new computer instead of this bad coffee. happy budgeting

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Justbudget in Japanese

I kept it secret until today, but as some of you might know already. Justbudget has been translated in Japanese. I put the translation file on Oct 15th. If you see any mistakes, please submit them to me, I'll make sure it get corrected. And today I have another great surprise toward Japanese support in Justbudget. I finally fixed the 3dpie graph so it can display Japanese properly. I tried numerous attempt in the past year and I never could fine the proper combinaison to make everything work. Probably the same bug was present with Chinese, Korean, etc. So the fix should do it for all. Unfortunately I can only test Japanese on my computer. So if you got category written in Japanese or any other Language, it should display fine in the flash chart. Happy [budgeting](

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How to create zero-based budget

I just found this [interesting article]( about how to create zero-based budget. Zero-based budget basically means that all your expenses should balance out your incomes, that the total of your incomes minus the total of your expenses must equal zero. Doing so requires you to create a category for every single dollar you win. The idea is interresting. and [Justbudget]( does that for you automatically. Justbudget creates a virtual category called Saving. So every dollar you are not spending goes automatically into this category. Just enter up all your income and expenses and justbudget calculate the whole thing automatically. Justbudget also answers to the [3-reasons-most-budgets-dont-work]( because justbudget does not ask you to guess what you are gonna spend but ask you to input your real data. with real data you get real information. So it does reflect reality. It does connect from one month to the next. and it does keep track the surplus money left over after all the categories are filled. I am always trilled when I find such articles and I realize that my software solves those common design flaws already. Thank you for using [Justbudget]( and send me comments so it continue to improve.

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