Evaluate your Go style.

MOUHAHAHAHAHA, this is what I wrote when I was at about question 3 or 4. I did not want to forget my first thoughts while concentrating on the quiz. so I wrote it down. ----- ----- hi, great test, thank you very much. but it does not work for one reason. I know I am a greedy player and I am trying to stop. when I answer 15 questions from 15 different board situation, I can force myself not to be greedy. but when I play 120+ moves on one board. its hard to stop being greedy. I hope it makes sense. ----- I played. BBCCC AACBC CEDBC and my result is ... _Your style is_ **greedy** _You like territory so much and it seems that we have similar playing styles. Nowadays lot of top players plays for territory too. You may know that if you grab too much cash, you will have some weak groups on the board. You must work more on Life&Death problems – they can help you to save such groups. You may also improve your ability of defending weak groups by trying “Kill-all Go”: Place 17 handicap stones and try to live as white (even with a very small group). If you are not able to live inside – make the handicap smaller._ --- MOUHAHAHAHAHA, I was wrong, you are right and your test works. ----- after reviewing quickly, just to make sure I did not made mistake writing my choices down. I realize E at #12 was bad. but remember I was not trying to change my decisions when doing this quick review. I was simply trying to remember what I had just chose. I will try again next month. [http://style.baduk.org/](http://style.baduk.org/)

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Internet speedtest

# Wireless # # Cable # # Conclusion # My wireless router([BLW-HPMM](http://www.planex.net/product/wireless/blw-hpmm.htm)) and my wireless card([SMC2835W](http://www.smc.com/index.cfm?event=viewProduct&localeCode=EN_USA&cid=5&scid=&pid=573)) are very good ;)

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