How to escape a fart, or the Japanese TV at his best.

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best youtube video ever? The PhoneBook Prank

hey guys... watch this, if you don't laugh I believe it can't be helped.

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My First Youtube video (Hikone city tour)

I live around Minami Hikone station, where the city is at his busiest, I believe. Usually, shots of Hikone are only showing the Castle and Castle road. So here it is for you, a more regular/normal view of what is japan country side in hikone shiga. So here with the video....

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Nintendo Super Mario Bros. (hardcore tricks).

Could anyone teach me half of what does guys are able to do. The classic 1up trick that I never been able to do is actually possible on the [New Super Mario on DS]( And what's up with all those guys jumping backwards? * [R.Yoshizawa (aka. Pom)]( * [Trevor Seguin]( This guys also knows a lot of excellent tricks. Although he takes his time in this video, he really show much [he masters the game]( please comment below with HOW to do these.

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Nintendo World 2006 in Nagoya, Japan

So, last Friday I realized a long time dream I had. Going to a video game expo, in Japan. It's one of those reasons I'm in Japan, and Nagoya is only 1h15 and 1620 yen of train away, how could I not go. The event was from 9am to 4pm and I was pretty excited so I took the train as early as possible. Going there was pretty easy, even though it was my first time visiting Nagoya. I got there around 9h30, had breakfast at the station and the first train on Aonami line was leaving at 10am. so It was a perfect timing. 10h30, I was sure inside. That's about the best I could do. First thing I learned when I got inside... They were giving away 100 Wii to the visitors. We receive some kind of lottery number when we arrive and we can check if we have a winner number as we leaves. Now I was excited, hehe... read on for details ....
It was a bit different than I has expected. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting. but they had about 200 Wii on demonstration, if not more. and many many DS you could play with. So without asking myself too many questions, I put myself in line to try out Tennis from Wii sports. Let's get a feel of the Wiimote as fast as possible. First the Wiimote is much smaller that I had imagine. It about the same length as a DS Lite. It feels totally comfortable in the hand. I had a hard time dealing with my excitation, the Japanese instructions and analyzing this remote to get as much as I could of the gameplay. I unfortunately got beaten. The other geek found some trick to throw a spin. Seriously the ball was really going much faster when it was doing it. So that means there is a lot of possibility with this new style of gameplay. Especially these are only the first generations of games for this console. Games always gets better and better on the 2nd and 3rd year. It was both our first experience and overall, we were pretty equal I think. It was very important for me to try Wii sports as it does not come with the system in Japan. You have to buy it extra for 4800 yen. So I really wanted to know if I wanted to buy it or not. Tennis is fun, If I had it I would sure play. But If I have to choose 2 or 3 games between the 30 games available at the launch. I'm not sure this is the one I'll pay for. Especially US people consider getting it for free. I might end up getting a copy for 5$ on ebay. That said, many times I read US people feel sorry for us in Japan because we don't get Wii Sports "for free" but they forget they pay 250$ for the system while we only pay 25000yen. It might look similar, but its about exactly a Wii Sport different ;) So really, the difference is that we have the choice, while you don't. I think Nintendo wanted to have a price that looks similar everywhere. Or It's a conspiracy with the Japanese government to make people believe (slowly) that the US dollar is equal to 100 yen. Another big reason, is because in Japan we get a game called はじめのWii. Which kinda means "Beginning with the Wii". So buyers, depending on their age and experience are most likely gonna get one of the two games to start with. While, only Wii sports is available in America to have this Wii educational purpose. Then I tried Wii sports Boxing. That one I had a huge time. And I sure beat this other amateur, hehe. It was so much fun and my body temperature really increased. I was so hot after this 6 minutes trial. I made a comments earlier this week [on a blog post at IGN complaining about Wii Sports]( The guy rather have a bad opinion on the game but while some of it might be true, I think he exaggerates a bit. Anyway, Boxing was awesome. and for this one game, Wii sports is worth it. but then other boxing-only games are coming out. so who knows what am I gonna buy. Then I went to Zelda, they had about 8 Wii running with Zelda on it, but unfortunately it was too busy. They required special ticket for that game, which were unavailable since 11am. Crazy... it was sure very busy. That is only Nagoya, I can't imagine Osaka next week and Tokyo near the end of the month. Too bad, I went to Mario Galaxy which was very very interesting. Mario Galaxy was twice special, because it is not available at the launch. We had an demo disk probably made especially for this event. There was a countdown in the game so we cannot play more than 6 minutes, while the other games (full version) did not have that. There is a lot of people and Japanese people are quite precise when it comes to this. Everybody has to get the same thing. So nobody complains about injustice. So the game requires you to do quite special movement. It is definitely different from the side-scroller we all know. Killing enemies can either be done by pointing at them, shaking your hand, taking and throwing objects at them (a bit like fishing) and of course jump onto their head. The you often gotta travel from a planet to another, which is very easy to do and very fun at the beginning. Pointing and shaking your hand. there is tons of different new moves you gotta learn compare to the sports games, which can only be sports games. I had a very good time playing Mario Galaxy. And this title sure brings a new type of gameplay onto the table. That's it, I was tired of the crowed after that and starving to death for two good hours. So I decided to leave a bit earlier. After all, it was my first stop in Nagoya, I had to checkout the city a bit more. And I, unfortunately, did not win one of those 100 Free Wii they were giving way. But hope is not gone, next Sunday, in Osaka, Nintendo World 2006 part 2 is taking place. I expect it to be very similar. So I'm not 100% sure to go, but I might to try few more games. For those you like pictures, I took a few.... []( enjoy yourself...

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Preparing for the Wii

The new Nintendo Video Game console, previously codenamed Revolution and now called [Wii]( is coming out very soon, around November 7th according to various rumors. And will most likely be a gaming revolution. Instead of just iterating on what is already known, the Wii promess a different style of gaming. Hell, it might even become healthy. What else could we ask for. With this new product they are targeting everyone, not only hardcore gamers or kids, but also parents, grand-parents and hell your dog might want to play. There is various Nintendo convention announced around the world, This friday in America, Japan and Europe, not sure of the exact details at the moment, I can't find the link. And also the famous [LEIPZIG GAMES CONVENTION 2006]( and the exciting [Tokyo Game Show]( from September 22nd to 24th. As you might guess, I'm very excited. I could not exactly describe why as I have not been a big gamer, but like many of us, I start playing video games as I was kid and I always been very interrested looking at the newest stuff. Although I was not playing. Just following up with the news has been so far enough for my gaming needs. Until now, I thought everything was pretty redundant. Better graphics, faster game play, more AI, more stuff on the screen going at the same time. but overall, same games were just refactored and resold. The Wii changes that. It brings a whole new world of games into your living room. and as I said before, It might even be healthy. Fooling around with this [Wiimote](, standing up with your friends and family. So for more excitement, I started looking at them game titles line-up to see what I might get. For more details about my choices, click on for reading.
I first selected the games that was appealing to me. I then separated them into three categories. Those that I NEED, the one that I might eventually get. And the one that was worth thinking about that I may not buy but still interresting. Inside these categories, they are placed in no particular order. Enjoy the reading and leave comments. ## Need * [Super Mario Galaxy]( What is a Nintendo without a Mario. This Mario as the title state comes right from the Galaxy. Totally different, it might gives us a real Wii experience while keeping us in enjoyement of a Mario. As you already know I bought a [Nintendo DS]( recently. And I have been playing, almost exclusively, the [New Super Mario Bros.]( It's so much fun and so incredible. I'm sure gonna get Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. I might blog about the New Super Mario Bros soon. * [Red Steel]( Red Steel is the action game often demonstrated in [Wii videos]( It allows you to manipulate a sword or a gun just like a real one, using the incredible Wiimote. Let's be honest, the main reason the Wii will be so different is because of the remote. So I'm planning to buy games that will use the feature as much as possible. * [Karaoke]( The link might just redirect to the official Nintendo website at the moment. but the domain exist, and Nintendo bought it. I don't know when this game will come out but I will sure get it. the remote includes an integrated microphone, so we won't need extra hardware. The family I am living with has a full karaoke machine, unfortunately broken, fixing it might be more expensive than the Wii itself. so why bother and all sing along. * [Wii Sports (Tennis, Baseball, more...)]( This is THE title demonstrated everywhere. people standing, playing tennis or baseball. This should strech us up and show the older people that game isn't only a passive luxury. * [Metal Slug Anthology]( Maybe you know Metal Slug already. I'm just a big fan and I think this title might become a collectible so I'm getting it. ## Maybe * [Trauma Center: Second Opinion]( This one is very interesting. Schedule to be avalaible at the Wii launch you will be playing as a Doctor, healing patient in a whole new way. Rather cool. * [Ping Pong]( Well, Wii Sports already have Tennis and Maybe Table Tennis as well, so I won't need it. but If need be, its there. As you notice, I'm looking for games that includes physical activity. * [Soulcalibur IV]( The Soulcalibur series is my favorite fighting series. I played SC2 on Dreamcast and SC3 on GameCube and it is the Best in my humble opinion. Although, it might just iterates on what is already know. So I don't think I will get it any soon. but If I can use the Wiimote as a real sword, this might get on my shopping list, although Red Steel should give me the same feeling. * [Wii Motor Sports Airplane]( Always been a big fan of Combat Flight Sim. I'm just gonna keep an eye on this title see what it has to offer. I have been a big fan of [AirForce Delta]( on Dreamcast which has later been ported to XBox. I also used to play a lot [Nighthawk F-117 Stealth Fighter]( on my 386SX-16 ;) * [Open Season]( I am not exactly sure what is this title is yet. but It does seems to be worth the look. * [Marvel: Ultimate Alliance]( Who does not like Marvel, tell me? The series of Spiderman from Dreamcast , GameCube and Xbox as been awesome games. I'm sure Marvel will follow the same trend. Although its categorized as an RPG, I think it will still be an Action adventure. but really, I don't know. * [Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent]( I might not need this one, because Red Steel will be plenty for me. but after I finish Red Steel, I might get this one. * [Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz]( Hell, Money Ball is a lot of fun, period. * [GT Pro Series]( Racings: known to be demonstrating the real power of a machine and to get the adrenaline out of every boy. I sure will need one of the racing game. Which one.... we'll see. * [Far Cry Instincts Evolution]( Far Cry hit my curiosity and I'm just gonna have to follow up on this one. * [Rayman Raving Rabbids]( Again, I played Rayman 2 on Dreamcast and it was more than awesome. If I don't know what to buy and I did not get this one yet. it will be next. * [Blitz: The League]( Football fan anyone? Blitz brings the blood to the fun and the action to the living room. However, if it does not use the Wii-features and remains a regular title, I might think twice before getting it. but If I get a Football game, its gonna be Sega or this one from Midway. ## Interesting but does not need * [Elebits]( This is the weird game you might have seen in one of those Wii video. You shoot weird creatures around the house for some purpose. looks fun. * [Penny Arcade Adventures]( Maybe you know the internet site [Penny Arcade]( They are releasing a game with their famous caracters as the main theme. Might be something to watch out. * [Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action]( I introduced the 101 dalmatiens on dreamcast to my mother. I see the Chicken Little movie and I thought of her right when I saw this title. Apparently there is some Tomb Raider and Spliter Cell like actions. just ala Disney. * [Sonic and the Secret Rings]( Sega Sonic, just like Mario Galaxy might rule the video game world, Sega Sonic might be on his heal. * [Avatar: The Last Airbender]( What is this last one again? well, I'll check in a month or two, see if I'm still curious about it. Sorry for the lack of details at this point. None of these titles are available at the moment, and not much details about them as been released. I think the idea is to build a series of titles and keep the links here so we can all look them up easily in the future. Ah, the future....

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Let's all have fun together

Just a small discoveries that just popped into my email. They manage a collection of dance and music related videos. I thinks its pretty cool. Visit them at [](

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Compulsive Buyer

So I went to [Joshin]( tonight as I needed a Air Duster for a long time to clean up my laptop keyboard. What I didn't see, the new [Jet Black Nintendo DS Lite]( was coming out today. Yeah. I didn't even know about it. but I see this beautiful shiny black [DS Lite]( stating its fresh from today. I thought "Ok, I'm gonna go crazy and buy it right now". So I did. I bought the [New Super Mario Brothers](, Indeed. and [Project Hacker]( Who changes, really? These are gonna be good for my japanese reading skills. ![Nintendo DS Lite Black]( let's play ;)

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Funny videos

just quick series of link.... [Pyranaas eating](, [Human Flying](, [Propelled Bucket](, [Prison Break Season 2](, More at [Clip-A-Day](, [YouTube](, [Google Video]( Why not include a [series of screenshot of Operating Systems]( along with this. You'll find Apple's, Microsoft's and KDE screenshots since 1984. got more to suggest ? help yourself in the comment box. don't lose to much of your precious time though ;)

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